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the united left one (VL) was a union of different oppositionals a linking (under it Christian socialists, defiance crates, autonomous ones and trailers of the Yugoslav autonomy model) and critical SED - members in the GDR. It became formal to 2. Octobers 1989, few weeks before the case of wall, based, some the prominent members came from the group of dissenting votes. The united left one demanded the renewal of socialism and tried to create a democratic and free GDR. At the end of of 1989 covered the party according to own data of 1500 members with emphasis in Berlin and resounds. In the policy it played an outsider role due to internal-organizational disputes and organizational problems rather and could differently than other groups of oppositions only to a minimum material support from the west, so for example by the VSP and some autonomous groups fall back. 1990 went it together with the party the carnations for the people chamber elections in March 1990 a “action alliance combined link” (AVL) in, which received 0.18% of the voices and the one of Thomas's small taken seat. Thomas's small the VL represented 1992 because of an earlier MfS activity Jutta Braband, which over the Party of Democratic Socialism also between Octobers and Decembers 1990 in the Bundestag , starting from December 1990 up to their resignation - national list Brandenburg selected was. After 1990 different former members of the VL such as Marion sea-lie on Party of Democratic Socialism lists or for Bündnis_90/Die_Grünen into different federal state parliament selected, the VL disintegrated in the years after 1990.

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