Laut 定义 der Gesellschaft für Verfahrenstechnik und Chemieingenieurwesen (GVC) beschäftigt sich模子 Verfahrenstechnik mit der technischen und wirtschaftlichen Durchführung aller Prozesse, denen Stoffe nach艺术, Eigenschaft und Zusammensetzung verändert werden。 This concerns the engineering science of the material transformation. The realization in the process engineeringEngineer process developed and planned plant is called equipment construction.

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medium and arrangement of process engineering

process engineering developed from its beginnings in the piping and boiler construction to an interdisciplinary science. Today become for the interpretation of the processes beside

  • nature and material sciences for the description of the process and its materialEffects, also
  • the restaurant, social, policies, and jurisprudence for the acceptance, which and the enterprise of the process needs

basic conditions. Further for the conversion of the process in the equipment construction to all other engineer sciences one falls back.

Process engineering plants produce hundredthousand between few gram and several tons per year.Simple chemical substances are produced up to complicated construction units. In order to be able, not become to describe the abundance at processes it into physical any longer meaningfully separable unit operations (EN: unit operation) with only a physical procedure, how mix or evaporate, divides. Process steps some spatially inseparableCombination of several unit operations are also as unit operations are usually designated. Classes from process engineering unit operations are for example:

These unit operations are lined up and result in the total process. Such a arranged process is not calculable and operable, but energy and place-optimized. The rising costses in the industry and the better simulation and analysis possibilities as well as the better physical understanding lead to the fact that ever more unit operations todayin a process step to be combined. For the understanding of the process a view of the process is however meaningful in separate physical basic steps. Process engineering is still divided therefore

  • along the physical procedures of the unit operations into
    • mechanical process engineering,
    • chemical process engineering,
    • thermal Verfahrenstechik and
    • the other proceduresthose as physical procedures of the chemical Verfahrenstechik to be usually slammed shut,
  • not the visible number of not separable procedures like
    • biological process engineering,
    • boundary surface process engineering and
    • diaphragm process engineering and
  • the necessary helping, conversion and special disciplines, like
    • direction and control engineering,
    • equipment construction and
    • nuclear process engineering.

demarcation to others,

Each process development, with which a material flow is concerned, applies for sciences fundamental contains process engineering. It is therefore usually a component mentioned of each science. Process engineering actually stresses the procedure and tries it with the given boundary conditions to optimize. In other disciplines becomes usually ofone given process gone out, since the emphasis is on other aspects.

Process engineering is occupied with the same article as the natural sciences and used its tools. Contrary to the natural science process engineering tries to reveal however not a new connection separates a recognized connection technically usableto make. Here developing new questions lead usually to a close co-operation with the natural sciences during the interpretation of new processes.

Verfahrenstechiker use the tools of the engineer sciences. They specify the area and the conditions, on which a process runs off. For the actual machine is thatMachine-builder or civil engineer responsibly. They are assigned by the procedure technician. Process engineering knows with the finishing technique (deformation) and energy engineering (energy conversion) also as a part of the production engineering to be regarded and therefore often mechanical engineering one assigns.

The chemical engineering is a discipline of the process engineering, which an emphasison chemistry puts. The environmental technology puts the emphasis however on legal, toxicological, and logistic aspects of the en and disposal.

partial disciplines

mechanical process engineering

mechanical process engineering concerns itself with material processes of change, which are based on mechanical effect. The four process main groupsare cutting up and Agglomerieren as well as mixing and separation. Beyond that mechanical process engineering concerns itself also with storing, the promoting and the proportioning of solids, bulk materials and liquid goods (e.g. Promotion by pumps).

thermal process engineering

thermal process engineering treats material transformationsby thermal influences, particularly warming up and cooling metals or thermal separation processes like e.g. Distillation, extraction or absorption.

chemical process engineering

chemical process engineering (reaction technology) concerns itself with material transformations by chemical reactions and forms the strongest link of process engineering to chemistry.

bio process engineering

Bio process engineering concerns itself with material transformations by biological processes, like fermentation. An important, new subsection is the “white biotechnology “. Here enzymatic production procedures replace lengthy and environmentalharmful procedures in that to paper -, chemistry and Pharmaindustrie, in the power supply as well as in the food - Kosmetik - or textile range - e.g. Cotton (“Stone Washed Look”) can be colored with less expenditure.

  • Chmiel, refuge (Hrsg.): Bio process technique. 2. Aufl. Spectrum academic publishing house 2005. ISBN 3-8274-1607-8

equipment construction

typical for this engineering science is it, conversion and change processes tooinvestigate to seize as model mathematically or e.g. to describe over the dimension analysis. The procedures usually consist of a multiplicity of single steps, which result in the desired process however only in its lining up and tuning.

First the single steps must examined, their control guaranteed as well astheir machine organization to be durchdacht and made. From connecting, adaptation and optimization results then the concept of the process, which becomes however only in connection with the appropriate en and disposal mechanisms (“utilities”) the plant ready for operation.

Considerations for disposal belong naturally to the development and planning of each process engineeringProcess. Measures and process steps to waste avoidance, to exhaust gas - and waste water purification are an integral component of a modern process engineering plant.

The development process of a process engineering plant can be arranged into the following steps:

  1. Determination of the administrative, economic and technical basic conditions
  2. feasibility investigation with technical and economic comparison of different concepts
  3. Basic engineering with the elaboration technically and economically most favourable concept and determination of all expected costs and incomes
  4. permission engineering for the procurement of necessary permission at the responsible authorities
  5. detail engineering with specification of all necessary components and measures for the realization
  6. inquiry of the described (specified) components andAchievements and order
  7. building of the plant
  8. start-up of the plant
  9. proof of the agreed upon achievements of the plant (material conversion, transformation of energy, quality)
  10. delivery of the plant to the operator

plant farmer

offerer of process engineering plants in Germany are among other things :

  • Construction of chemical plants Chemnitz GmbH (CAC)
  • LSMW total would run ScienceSolutions
  • German VTU engineering GmbH
  • dryly system GmbH
  • lime tree AG
  • Lurgi AG
  • BASF AG (Corporate engineering)
  • Bavarian Technology services GmbH
  • MCE AG
  • QVF engineering GmbH
  • Siemens A&D FR
  • Tebodin Consultants & Engineers GmbH
  • Uhde GmbH
  • bird shrubs GmbH
  • Pharmaplan
  • GIG Karasek GmbH

Plant operator

process engineering is involved to a substantial part at the entire industrial production of the world (approx. 50% in FRG 1980). In particular for this the following branches of industry count:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Fertilizing and food industry
  • etc.

Well-known operators of process engineering plants in Germany are among other things :


the nano-technology or nano-technology is a still youngArea of which very interdisciplinary areas from physics, the chemistry, which biology and process engineering unite. It concerns itself with materials and systems, whose consist size perhaps only of few molecules. An example is the Lotuseffekt, that for example in Fassadenfarben toEmployment comes.

see also

dispersity analysis, chemical engineering, particle measuring technique


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