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the publishing house is media - an enterprise, which multiplies and spreads works of the literature , art , music or science. The sales can be made by the trade (art, book trade etc.) or via the publishing house.

The publishing house orthe person of the publisher usually acquires the right to use at the manuscript of an author (copyright) due to a contract and provides for production (preparation for the pressure) and evenly the pressure of the work. Secondly he procures the advertisement and the selling over the different selling ways, for example over the book trade or the press wholesale. The third function lies in the Vorfinanzierung, as the word origin makes clear already, because shifting comes from presentation.

Employees in a publishing house practice thatOccupation of the publishing house buyer out or are active in the publishing house production.

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self and small publishing house

an author, that his books without publishing houseto print leaves and drives out, has a self publishing house. That differs from a small publishing house, in which a tradesman shifts stranger or own works. Most publishing houses are numerical in the category, many are tiny by far. Private possession flows in, as well asthe own, almost unpaid achievement. Usually the owner of a small publishing house is personally engaged to spread certain contents and enjoys the profession. Because authors earn still little also with certain success, are they usually dependent on it, tooto change larger publishing houses, if they have something success - which keeps the small publishing houses further small (footboard strategy). Small publishing houses, which come more to earn to want or also only the footboard role to escape want, also more easily to success, if them their unknown authorseither (laboriously, expensively) admits make or (substantially more simply) against more well-known authors exchange. That again keeps unfortunately unknown authors further unknown. Authors look for last end in publishing houses the missing financial participation, which your investment in the letter (copyright is a capital form) maximally pay interest on.Publishing houses however look for the investment most profit-promising in each case, thus an investment in most easily and/or. with largest profit salesable Buchtitel. However neither all authors nor all publishing houses are stubbornly on maximum profit out otherwise became it soon onlyExample books, travel guides and Erotik Comics give. Only from this to one reason of common interests beyond the capital net yield are again and again across literature history to each other suitable authors and publishing houses, who get over also heavy times despite all disadvantages on the market, in-end.Often these alliances place then (even if they do not experience success sometimes any longer) the future world literature.


a characteristic the subsidy publishing house places and/or. exact pressure cost subsidy publishing houses . Of course and nevertheless with difficulty to achieve are pressure cost subsidies (firm term)for scientific work. They go to renowned publishing houses. Pressure cost subsidies come usually from the largest Unterstützerin the science in this country, the German research council (DFG), in addition, from the DAAD and many public and private donations.

kinds of publishing house

of publishing houses leave themselvesarrange according to their Hauptprodukten:

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