the Vermandois was in the Middle Ages a county in north France, which originally consisted of the two castle counties Saint Quentin and Péronne, and thereby within the today's region Picardie in the Départements Aisne and Somme extended. The name of the county deduces itself from the celtic Viromandui and their principal place Augusta Viromanduorum , the today's Saint Quentin.


in 9. Century was given the Vermandois as county of the older line of the Karolinger, to the descendant that Bernhard, who itself in vain against its uncle, whom emperor Ludwig the pious one had raised. The Vermandois became with the contract of Ribemont (880) due to its neighbourhood the duchy Niederlothringen the border region between the westFrankish and the eastFrankish realm.

Heribert I., the grandchild of Bernhard and first hereditary count, 902 by one of count Balduin II. became. killed by Flanders hired assassin. Its son Heribert II. (902-943) Vermandois extended the possession of the house and held the legal king of France, Karl the Einfältigen six years, up to its death, in detention. Its successor Albert I., Heribert III., Albert II., Eudes and Heribert IV. were less meaning. In the year 1076 Heribert received IV. the county Valois as a married man of the hereditary daughter of the count Rudolf III., even however short time died later and left the county of its daughter Adélaide, whose first married man was Hugo of Vermandois, a Kapetinger, the brother of the king Philipp I. and one the leader of the first crusade.

Hugo died 1102 in Tarsus (Kilikien). The oldest son of Hugo and Adélaide was count Raoul I. (Rudolf I.) (1102-1152), which married Alix of Guyenne, sister Eleonore of Aquitanien and with their three children had: Raoul II. („the sowing goat “), count of 1152-1167, Mabile, which possessed from 1167-1183 the counties Vermandois, Valois and Amiens together with its married man Philipp of Elsass possessed, and Eleonore. Due to a contract, which it 1185 with the king Philipp II. August closed, kept Philipp of Elsass the county Vermandois up to its death 1191, which caused the French king to regulate the FE storage abandoned by Akkon and the third crusade too and the follow-up. It closed a contract with Eleonore, which got the eastern part of the Vermandois and the title of a countess of Saint Quentin on lifetime, while the king came directly into the possession of Péronne and the associated areas. Eleonores did without 1214, whereby the remainder likewise fell to the crown, and died at least seven years later.

1576 were raised the Vermandois to the duchy and to the Pairie.

count von Vermandois from the house of the Karolinger

count von Vermandois from the house of the Kapetinger

  • Hugues I. (1087-1102), married man Adélaides, younger son of the French king Heinrich I., Count von Vermandois and Valois
  • Rudolf I. le Vaillant (1102-1152), count von Vermandois, Valois, Amiens and Crépy, Seneschall of France 1131-1152, 1147 regent of France
  • Hugues II. le Moine (hl. Felix von Valois) (1152-um 1160), count von Vermandois etc.
  • Rudolf II. the sowing goat (around 1160-1167), count von Vermandois etc.
  • Mabile (1167-1183), countess of Vermandois etc.
  • Philipp of Elsass, married man Mabiles, (1167-1191)
  • Eleonore (1191-1214), countess of Saint Quentin

in accordance with the closed contracts went the western Vermandois 1191, the eastern 1214 to the French crown.


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