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base data
pointed name: Green Mountain State
capital: Montpelier
largest city: Burlington
rank (within the USA): 45
altogether: 24,923 km ²
country: 23,974 km ²
water (%): 949 km ² (3.8%)
rank (withinthe USA): 49
altogether (2000): 608.827
density: 24.4/km ²
member state
place: 14
since: 4. March 1791
time belt: Eastern: UTC-5/-4
degree of latitude: 42°44'N to 45°0'43 " N
degree of longitude: 71°28'W to 73°26'W
broad: 130 km
length: 260 km
highest situation: 1,339 m
average situation: 305 m
deepest situation: 29 m
governor: Jim Douglas
postal: Sign
ISO 3166-2: US-VT

Vermont is a Federal State of the United States of America and partof new England, which revolted itself during the war of independence against the British rule.

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Vermont borders in the north on Canada, in the west on New York, in the south on Massachusetts and in the east New Hampshire, where the Connecticut River forms the natural border. However are covered 77 per cent of the state by hardwood forests, in particular maple trees.

Largest cities (inhabitant 1. July 2004)

  • Burlington - 38,934
  • Rutland - 17,080
  • South Burlington - 16.460
  • Barre - 9,141
  • Essex Junction - 8,829
  • Montpelier - 8,013
  • Saint Albans - 7,548
  • Winooski - 6,365
  • new haven - 5,118



original was Vermont the homeland area of the Indian trunks of the Irokesen, Algonkin and Abenaki - nation. 1609 explained the French discoverer Samuel de Champlain the environment of the today's Lake Champlain in view of the mountains surrounding it as “Les Verts Monts” (Green Mountains, the GreenMountains), which was anglisiert later to the today's name.

war of independence

the contract of Paris, which terminated 1763 the Frenchman and Indian war, assigned the area first to the British. Parts of the region became different times by those Colonies and/or the later States of New York and New Hampshire controls. Ethan all and its “Green in such a way specified Mountain Boys” fought against the Englishmen, which found Ticonderoga its high point also in the famous conquest from away, and against those alreadymentioned, now from the British occupied states.

1777 explained itself Vermont as the independent republic (in the first six months still as “new Connecticut”, from July on as Vermont). During this time interval the condition Vermonts was submitted and ratified, thosefirst written condition of an independent state in North America. This legal status held until 1791, as Vermont of the union as 14. Member joined. Thomas Chittenden, the political head of the region, became logically also their first governor.

civil war

as reliable snipers and durable “Naturbur” was the Vermonter, which began in the uniform chaos of the initial days as Nordstaatler in grey uniforms with violet braids, for the generals gladly-seen task forces. Thus general instructed John Sedgwick in the battle of Gettysburg literally: “The Vermonter sends on ahead and keeps the rows closed!”. But the losses were enormous: Together with Virginia in the south Vermont had to deplore most pleasures proportionally to the population, what strengthens in view of the traditionally small population density inWeight fell. When the wife of the president of Abraham Lincoln in the summer lived here 1863 the summer, she brought the region as vacation area in the discussion - a trend until today persists.


Karte Vermonts
map Vermonts

for the moment officiateas governor James Douglas (republican, until January 2007). The senators James M. Jeffords (independent, until January. 2007) and his colleague Patrick Leahy (democrat, until January. ) the interests Vermonts in Washington D.C. represent 2005..

daily politics

the Vermonter were always admits for their political independence and as progressively valid view of the things. The Vermonter government always retained an active point of view with the consideration of the environmental policy, the social services and thatPrecaution before increasing urbanisation.

equal rights of homosexual

the controversy of the last years which can be considered at most were the admission of the civil union, i.e. that mechanism, whatever same sex before-similar partnerships all rights and the privilegesthe marriage to grant should. During the process Baker vs. Vermont ordered 1999 the highest Court of Justice Vermonts that it had to be permitted to all homosexual pairs under the right Vermonts to marry itself or at least an equivalent legal status to possess. In the followingbecame the law, owing to which support of somewhat more than half of the voters, of the legislation and the governor at that time Howard Dean ratifies. The not small minority made its displeasure clear in the following elections by means of their voting pattern, so thatDean its seat to vacate had.

election campaign

although or straight because Vermont despite its small size and population of two senatorial seats has, tempts it often foreign candidates (in such a way specified carpetbaggers), itself here for an allegedly easy Election campaign set up to leave. This was however often defeated by gewitzten local resident ones. Thus 1998 defeated calculated a 79-jähriger pensioner named Fred Tuttle a multi-millionaire from Massachusetts with the preselection of the republicans (the USA). Amusing way reached Tuttle with a ridiculously small Election campaign budget of 201 dollar alone 55% of the preselection voices, in order to do without in the following choice procedure generös in favor of the Leahay favored by him.


autumn in Windsor County at the Mount Ascutney, Vermont
road scenery, smelling ester, Vermont
  • capital: Montpelier
  • surface: 23,956 km ²
  • inhabitants: 612.978 (census April 2000)
  • gross national product per head: $ of 28,756
  • large cities (after inhabitants):


Blick auf den Lake Champlain
view of the Lake Champlain

Vermont is particularly forits maple syrup and the idyllischen mountain landscapes admits. The Green Mountains and the Lake Champlain is popular recreation areas. Logically the pointed name also Green Mountain State reads. Many wealthy ones and millionaires of the surrounding states possess here a weekend house, which in particularsince the 1950er years into undreamt-of heights shoot let the plot prices for the once inexpensive environment, in order to experience for example the Indian here buzzer or the winter vacation.

Other holiday-makers with smaller income come only due to the landschaftlichen beauty to Vermont.In the autumn the landscape in the bright colors of the discolouring sheets, the Indian in such a way specified buzzer erblüht. Thus came 2002 approximately 7.9 million tourist to Vermont. Also the calm small towns and villages Vermonts belong to the program of the visitors.The mountains, rivers and lakes are offered on for an immense number of leisure activities of the ski driving in the winter up to fishing (nevertheless fly fish one invented here!) Move, Trekking, water moving and camping in the summer and autumn.

With view to thatoffering wordplay with maple and marble possesses itself the utterance that Vermonter would be inside as sweetly as maple syrup and outside hard as marble, a true core. Thus everywhere in the northeast of North America maple syrup is produced, but applies for Vermont hereas responsible. But also in the dismantling and the subsequent treatment of marble the Americans call Vermont center.

For the characteristic of the local population the writer and dramatist Carl Zuckmayer, that wrote a farm into the 1940er - years in Vermont leasedand had managed, a description, which possesses many points to today validity:

„Which lives the descendants of those today in Vermont, in which there are many abandoned, and again farms over-rampantly growing from the forest slowly disintegrating, still on its home place, that is to go through original settler, which were too eigensinnig and landconnected, in order the departure to the west, the large people migration after better ‚pasture reasons `. Therefore these people a course of sense of rigid and obstinacy, also from Verkauztheit, is suitable which is more easily understandable Europeans thanmany Americans. A particularly locked people with a schrulligen, often something maliziösen humor, nonkonformistisch into the bones, self-willed up to the Eigenbrötelei, but never without the natural connection in the municipality, the natural, clicheless readiness for mutual assistance. “ (Carl Zuckmayer, when wär's a piece of me, 1966)

fauna and Flora

Winooski River, Montpelier

for the production of field, one rodete the forests, so that around 1850 almost 70 per cent of the once large existence destroyedwere. In the following decades many in Vermont of the residents of farmers succumbed however to the temptations of the wild west or the industrial cities at the east coast, which rampantly grew not with more fruitful soils but with alleged jobs. Thus some purged to that before thatWilderness wrested farms gradually and nature fetched itself its missing terrain back again. As positive side effect the existence of the before almost exterminated game existence (brown bear, moose , Kojote and wild Truthähne ) recovered.


objects of interest

Vermont State Capitol, Montpelier, um 1933
Vermont State Capitol, Montpelier, around 1933
  • Green Mountains,
  • Lake Champlain,
  • Bennington museum, exhibition with Hauptwerken of Grandma Moses,
  • Billings farm, agricultural model company and open air museum,
  • Brattleboro, health resort with alternative scene,
  • Wilmington (Vermont) and west Dover, ski places,
  • Dorset (Vermont) and Newfane, examples of one the o.e. Postcard cities,
  • American Precision museum in Windsor (Vermont), tool museum,
  • Vermont State Capitol in Montpelier,
  • Northeast Kingdom, still to a large extent unaffected nature with clear lakes and seal mountain forests,
  • Shelburne, museum and sample farm,
  • Arlington, scene of the war of independence,
  • new England Maple museum, with Pittford, everythingto the production and processing of the maple syrup,
  • Covered Bridges at the federal highway 67 A to the west of Bennington.

famous personalities


  • hymn: “Hail ton of Vermont!”
  • State bird: A settler throttle Catharus guttatus


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