Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake (* 14. November 1919 in Brooklyn, New York; † 7. July 1973 in Burlington, Vermont) was a Hollywood - actress „of the golden 40's “.

Their correct name was Constance Frances Marie Ockelman. Them became to 14. November 1919in Brooklyn, New York, born. Own data to consequence it only 1922 was born, which however is quite improbable. Admits until today is their unmistakable hair-style, the Hollywood wave, which was the half face covered and in the 40's the most well-known hair-style of the film world.

Lakebroke off their medicine study and began training to the Bliss Hayden Scholl OF Acting. The break-through succeeded their 1941 with the film „to Sullivans journeys “. At the side of Joel McCrea played it a young and naive girl, actress will would like.

From 1940 to1943 were married it with John Detlie, with that it the children Elaine Detlie (* 1943) and Wiliam Detlie (* 1941; died after one week) got. Also from their second marriage with director Andre De Toth (1944) came out two children, André Michael De TothIII (* 1945) and Diana De Toth (* 1948). After the financial collapse 1952 it could be separated from it. Since this time was about with its career downhill, while alcohol in their life became ever more important. In third marriage it was from 1955until 1959 with Joseph A. McCarthy, son authors (above all song texts) of the Joseph McCarthy I, marries. One year before their death married it 1972 the Minister Robert Carleton Munro.

Veronica Lake died on Saturday, the 7. July 1973 in Burlington, Vermont, at epidemic living ore erring trousers.

1997 became it indirectly by Kim Basinger in the film L.A. Confidential embodies. Basinger plays therein the prostitute Lynn Braket, which Veronica Lake doubelt. It received for the role „uses Lake “ a OSCAR as the best Nebendarstellerin.


  • Flesh Feast (1970)
  • Footstepsinto the Snow (1966)
  • Stronghold (1951)
  • Slattery's Hurricane (1949)
  • Isn't It romance? (1948)
  • Sainted Sisters, The (1948)
  • Saigon (1948)
  • Ramrod (1947)
  • Blue Dahlia, The (1946)
  • measure Susie Slagle's (1946)
  • Hold That blond one (1945)
  • Out OF This World (1945)
  • bring to on the Girls (1945)
  • Hour Beforethe Dawn, The (1944)
  • so Proudly incoming goods Hail! (1943)
  • I Married A Witch (1942)
  • Glass key, The (1942)
  • This Gun for Hire (1942)
  • Sullivan's Travels (1941)
  • Hold bake the Dawn (1941)
  • I Wanted Wings (1941)
  • Forty Little Mothers (1940)
  • Young as You Feel (1940)
  • universeWomen Have Secrets (1939)
  • Dancing CO-OD (1939)
  • Wrong Room, The (1939)
  • Sorority House (1939)

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