Contract of Kruschwitz

the contract of Kruschwitz became to 16. June 1230 (original document verschollen) between Konrad von Masowien and the German medal closed.

The delivered text advertises Pope Gregors IX. in the issued golden one bull of Rieti. of the 3. August 1234 and in Transsumpten of 1257. By the contract from Kruschwitz became the German medal by Hzg. Konrad von Masowien the Kulmerland as well as all future conquests into Prussia with all associated rights as donation transfer. The contract fulfilled, which itself the German medal 1226 in the golden one bull of Rimini of emperor Friedrich II. had let confirm. With the Pope bull from 1234 however the heidnischen countries which can be conquered became as property hl. Petrus taken in excluding papal protection. The wording of the tradierten document of the contract of Kruschwitz lets assume that the document concept came from a member of the German medal.

Controversial less the legal transaction than rather the authenticity problem is at the contract of Kruschwitz (denied from M. Perl brook; polarize from that. Historiography to a large extent taken over). A. Seraphim made substantial reasons for the authenticity of the contract considerable. The authenticity controversy has in as much in principle meaning as in the case of falsification the legal basis of the medal state could be defizient in Prussia. Out of question it is that the result of the development of Prussia not the original intentions of Konrad I. corresponded. The German medal regarded the contract as instrument for the creation of an independent rule area in Prussia. Also the “donation act” of the contract raises questions. In a time of feudalen splintering, in each national prince thereafter the expansion of the own Ländereien trachtete to maximize, was simple the freiwillige renouncement of Konrad of its Prussian leaning ( the medal 1226 granted), feudal atypical.


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