Contract of Rapallo

the contract of Rapallo is an international-law contract, to 16. April 1922 in Rapallo between the German Reich and the Russian socialist federal Soviet republic (later initial member of the Soviet Union) was closed. The surprising contract conclusion found at the edge of the world economic conference in Genova instead of. The contract of the minister of foreign affairs of the German Reich was signed roll ago Rathenau and its Soviet colleague G. W. Tschitscherin. With the contract the two states wanted their isolation to break through and the negotiating position of the German Reich in relation to the Western powers strengthen. With that With the present Treaty two outlawing had united German Reich as (official) causers of the “First World War “and communist Russia.

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subject-matter of the contract

the contract had to the goal that the two with regard to foreign policydue to the “First World War “and the revolution powers isolated again diplomatic and economic (according to the principle of the most-favored nation treatment) relations were received, the moreover one done both states without refunding of reparations and the German Reich did without remunerations for in the course to thatRevolution put under state control formerly German possession. Because of the boycott of German goods in Western European countries also economical contacts were developed. The contract did not contain a secret supplementary protocol, however already before a secret military co-operation had begun, then to the Soviet Union modern technology brought and the realm resistance the possibilitygave to train their soldiers at heavy weapons, which the German Reich was not allowed to possess.

Among other things in the surrounding field of the contract the supply of industrial plants at Soviet Russia was agreed upon, by which it could have operated the oil fields of Baku without support of western companies. The moreover one haditself the German Reich obligates to furnish camp plants and gas stations for the marketing of Soviet petroleum products. In this way the German Reich planned to reduce the dependence from British and American oil producers' cartels to the market at that time controlled.


in the German Reich became the contract ofa majority welcomed, in addition, resistance, for example with realm president Friedrich Ebert and the further social-democratic guidance encountered, also Rathenau in former times the Soviet requests for a contract had rejected and was last zögerlich to.

The Western powers, above all France, faced the contract critically,because it the states involved strengthened and the dependence of the German Reich on the Western powers reduced. Two days after conclusion of the contract protest it on diplomatic way. They assumed, the two states planned a renewed allocation of Poland, that in the contract of Versailles as stateagain-based was. This assumption was not unfounded: the realm resistance under general Hans von Seeckt actually planned a revision of the east border.

The contract of Rapallo contributed to the fact that France used a slight falling below of the reparations prescribed in the contract of Versailles as pretext for Ruhr occupation.

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