the administration is an organization with the order of the administration (administration). The order of the organized administration consists of a task complex, which carries out time near, give up-referred seizing, caring for, leading, a steering and an answering for of dynamic systems according to stable regulations. In thisSenses operate all bureaucratically structured (large) enterprises in politics, religion, economics and culture administrations.

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the cultural style of an administration hangsof their point and in the broader sense from their society . So and to have the yards of monarchies ( if there hereditary monarchies is ) had often hereditary offices, often presuppose church administrations the Priesterweihe , were the entrance into the administration of the classical Possible , created China only after difficult ( also literary and calligraphic) examinations the administration of the clearing-up (z. B. in France, Württemberg, Bayern, Prussia) an own style of the “rational “administration, dictatorships administrations with going farControl tasks (“cadre administration “) to the keeping in power and gefügigem personnel, and contemporary firms of world-wide reputation often do not tend to dissimilar personnel policy (staffs consist then of Yes Men).

Specialized administrations - for instance a hospital or the supervisor system of an estate administration - always setalso specially trained personnel (specialist) ahead.

See also: Administrative reform, administrative ethics, administrative transparency, organization sociology as well as sociological authors such as max of webers, NIC-read Luhmann, Bálint Balla and. v. m.

public administration

the public administrationis part of the carrying out force (executive). Each activity of the state or other carrier of public force, which is to be assigned neither to the legislation nor the iurisdiction, falls into the range of the executive. Strictly speaking becomes under public administrationeach administrative acting (administrativeact) understood, which serves the execution of regulations. Therefore the government activity (Regierungsgewalt) is not part of the administration in the closer sense.

Public administration is an activity for planning and organization of social living together as execution thatDecisions of the democratic will formation by parties, elections, parliaments and governments. Administration is an essential component of the gewaltenteiligen organization of the modern condition state (Konstitutionalismus). The administration is bound in the constitutional state in its activity at right and law.Hauptproblem for successful administrative acting is the multiplicity at goals, which administrative acting is to fulfill at the same time. Administration is faced with a set of dilemmas, as for instance from demanded participation openness and efficiency, those not by the administration, but only by political decisionsare machinable.

(property) - administration

the regulations for a housing management are given to other contracting parties ( caretaker, garbage disposal, maintenance enterprise etc.) by that or the owners, the legislator and.

data adminstration

the data adminstration (English. DATA management) hasin particular with use of microprocessors and Microcontrollern extraordinarily complex tasks and crucial influence on their achievement during the data processing.


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