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the Administrative Court is usually in Germany the only instanzliche court of the administrative jurisdictionn. The mechanism is incumbent on the Landesgesetzgebung. In the administrativejudicial procedures are located themselves among other things Persons of private law (e.g. natural persons and societies) and person and unincorporated firms of the public right (area and person bodies) opposite. Legal basis for procedures before the Administrative Courts is rules of the administrative court. The Administrative Court is the principle of the office determination obligation in accordance with. § 86 exp. 1 VwGO obligates.

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to competence

the Administrative Court is simplified expressed responsible, if decisions are waived by authoritiesare or authorities to certain doing to be obligated to be supposed. This does not apply however with the federal agency to work, with pension questions or with many social security benefits. Here the social court is responsible. Essentially the Administrative Court entrance court is fundamental. Exeptionally also the higher administrative court can (in the Lands of the Federal Republic Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hessen as administrative court designation) or the Federal Administrative Court erstinstanzlich responsibly its (material competence). The local competence of the Administrative Courts results out § 52 VwGO. As guide it is considered that the seat of the deplored authority is crucial.


the saying bodies thatAdministrative Courts are usually chambers, those with three of occupation judges (with decisions after verbal negotiation: additionally two honorary judges) are occupied. If the thing does not raise special difficulties, then the thing the single judge can be transferred. Even if all involved ones agree, can by the single judge to be decided.


against the judgements of the Administrative Court exists on the one hand the redress of the request for permission of the appointment, on which the higher administrative court decides. If it rejects the request or rejects it, the erstinstanzliche judgement is valid. It givesthe request instead of, the procedure of admission is continued as appointment procedure. The Administrative Court can permit also even the appointment. Furthermore the jump revision is possible against the judgement of the Administrative Court, if both plaintiffs and defendants agree; the jump revision leads the procedure for the Federal Administrative Court.

Against other decisions oneAdministrative Court (z. B. ) there are provisional arrangements in express procedures the redress of the complaint. These pleas are decided by the higher administrative court. A special redress given in all instances is the hearing anhörungsrüge, with which an injury of the right to grant of legal hearing can be reprimanded, ifRedress or another plea against the judicial decision is not given.

there are

individual Administrative Courts in Germany at present the following Administrative Courts:


(administrative court Baden-Wuerttemberg)

  • Administrative Court Freiburg
  • Administrative Court Karlsruhe
  • Administrative Court sigma rings
  • Administrative Court Stuttgart


(Bavarian administrative court)

  • Administrative Court Ansbach
  • Administrative Court Augsburg
  • Administrative Court Bayreuth
  • Administrative Court Munich
  • Administrative Court Regensburg
  • Administrative Court peppering castle

Berlin and Brandenburg

(higher administrative court Berlin Brandenburg)


(higher administrative court of the free Hanseatic city Bremen)


(Hamburgi higher administrative court)


(hessian administrative court)

  • Administrative Court Darmstadt
  • Administrative Court Frankfurt/Main
  • Administrative Court pouring
  • Administrative Court Kassel
  • Administrative Court Wiesbaden

Lower Saxony

(higher administrative court of Lower Saxony)

  • Administrative Court Braunschweig
  • Administrative Court Goettingen
  • Administrative Court Hanover
  • Administrative Court Lueneburg
  • Administrative Court Oldenburg
  • Administrative Court Osnabrück
  • Administrative Court Stade

North Rhine-Westphalia

(higher administrative court for the country North Rhine-Westphalia)

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

(higher administrative court Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)


(higher administrative court Rhineland-Palatinate)


(higher administrative court of the Saarland)


(higher administrative court of the country Saxonia-Anhalt)

  • Administrative Court Dessau
  • Administrative Court resounds
  • to Administrative Court Magdeburg


(Saxonian higher administrative court)

  • Administrative Court Chemnitz
  • Administrative Court Dresden
  • Administrative Court Leipzig


(Schleswig Holsteini higher administrative court)


(Thüringer higher administrative court)

  • Administrative Court Gera
  • Administrative Court Meiningen
  • Administrative Court Weimar

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