Vesna Pisarović


the Croatian singer and Komponistin Vesna Pisarović became to 9. April 1978 in Brčko (Bosnia and Herzegowina) born. When it was three years old, it pulled with its parents after Požega (Croatia). As a eight-year old girl it visited the school of music, where it learned flute to play. Actually the guitar class was their first choice, but those was already full.

After Vesna had successfully terminated the high school, she pulled after Zagreb. At the there university it studied at the philosophical faculty and became Professorin for Croatian language and phonetics.

musical career

your singing debut had it with 19. On the” Zadarfest “it spoke a composed Song: ” I'm of gone “. Innumerable appearances followed, just as as their first album” there znaš “, which became very successful. Its second album” Za tebe stvorena “received even gold.

2000, 2001 and 2005 it participated in the Croatian preliminary decision to Eurovision the Song Contest , the” Dora “.

2002 participated Vesna for Croatia in Eurovision the Song Contest . In the Croatian preliminary decision it sang its song still in the national language as” Sasvim sigurna “, with the international competition decided it for the English version” Everything I want “. Vesna achieved a good elften place with the Song, and after their euro vision appearance she created it on the list at most sold and looked for interpreter. In the same year it brought out also its third album” Kao there vrijeme “per, which still larger Vekaufszahlen could exhibit than its predecessor thus likewise received and gold. With its fourth album” Pjesma mi sve “per could tie Vesna old successes. Thus 2004 the first” Best OF “followed - album with Vesnas 18 strongest hits. At the end of of 2005 followed the long expected fifth album with the title” Peti “, which also translated” fifth “is called.

Vesna was established as a very successful and popular singer, who is not to be excluded no more by its original Pop music from the Croatian music scene.

In the last years Vesna wrote many Songs - for itself, in addition, for other singers. Thus it wrote the Bosnian herzegowinischen contribution to to Eurovision the Song Contest 2004 ” into the disco “, which was interpreted by Deen.


  • 2000: “There Znas”
  • 2001: “Za tebe stvorena”
  • 2002: “Kao there per vrijeme”
  • 2003: “Pjesma mi per sve”
  • 2004: “The Best OF Vesna Pisarovic”
  • 2005: “Peti”


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