VfL wolf castle

VfL wolf castle
Vereinsemblem des VfL Wolfsburg
full name VfL wolf castle football GmbH
pointed name (n) the wolves
based 12. September 1945
stadium Volkswagen arena
of places 30,000
president Lothar Sander
coach Klaus Augenthaler
address in all all this 1
38446 wolf castle
Tel.: (05361) 89 03-0
fax: (05361) 89 03-150

league soccer federal league
2004/059. Place
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
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Team colours Team colours Team colours
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the VfL wolf castle football GmbH is in the year 2001 a created enterprise in wolf castle, Lower Saxony. It markets the soccer games from the VfL of the wolf castle registered association. into the GmbH separated license player - crew.

At the society are too90% Volkswagen AG and to 10% the VfL wolf castle registered association. taken part.

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of the VfL wolf castle became to 12. September 1945 based and obtained directlyin the first year the championship in the 1. Circle class. Beginning of the 1950er years reaches the VfL several times the ascent round to the football upper league north - the then highest German play class. At three failed attempts this finally succeeded to them in the year 1954.

Even if the VfL wolf castledirectly in the first upper league year with a 1:0 - victory over that Hamburg sports association - that crew, which dominated year by year the upper league north and master became nearly always - for sensation provided, played the club otherwise in this play class certainly no large role. In firstthree years always escaped one with that 14. Place (the 15. descended) only scarcely the descent.one could not save oneself to 1959 finally any longer.

Nobody suspected at the time that the VfL wolf castle thereafter nearly three decades long never again in the highest play classwould play.1970 one became again master of the upper league north now - which was since establishment of the soccer federal league (1963) the second highest German play class - missed however the ascent. The 2 became a little later. Soccer federal league production, for which the VfL qualified itself, from thatit in addition, directly again descended. After the direct reclimb again equivalent again the descent followed.

The break-through succeeded itself the VfL wolf castle only at the beginning of the 1990er years, as one for the first time in the 2. League to establish could. Under intelligent guidance of manager Peter Pander establishedthe club and became better and better. 1995 were already for the VfL the ascent within easy reach. Up to 22. Play day was defended the table guidance and had after it up to the last play day never more than two points arrears on an ascent place. Because of the end failedone at Fortuna Duesseldorf and lost in addition also still the DFB Pokalfinale against Borussia Moenchengladbach (0: 3).

At the 11. June 1997 was it then so far: In a packing quasi-final game, in which opponent FSV Mainz 05 with a victory could likewise still have ascended, triumphed wolf castle also5:4 and carried thereby substantially to the gate flood on this play day with (among other things Kaiserslautern Meppen 7:6).Roy Präger and Detlev of dam eggs had substantial portion of the first federal league ascent with their in each case two gates.

The VfL wolf castle had been established fast in the soccer federal league. In the years 1999 and 2000 succeeded to the crew even the introduction into the UEFA cup.

In the autumn 2004 the VfL became surprising table leaders. But then after a change error in the DFB cup manager Peter Pander withdrew, who holds the manager position meanwhile with Borussia Moenchengladbach. Its successor with the Vfl wolf castle became Thomas Strunz.

The VfL played a good Hinrunde and wintered at place 4. But heavy internal problems - of the fans particularly attributed to Thomas Strunz, which up-brought both coaches Eric Gerets and the majority of the team with strange statements against itself- led to the fact that the VfL in the back round literally fell apart and was brief even in descent emergency. One nevertheless still qualified oneself for the UI-Cup. From the VfL separated however at the 3. August 2005 in the semi-final against the RC Lens after a 0:4(0: 0 in the first leg in wolf castle) out. To 19. Decembers 2005 became both coach Holger technical and manager Thomas Strunz to dismiss. Only to 11 days later with Klaus Augenthaler a new coach one committed, the management took over managing director Klaus fox.


interior opinionthe arena
Volkswagen arena at night
VfL stadium 2002
  • Volkswagen arena
    • capacity: 30,000 spectators (with international plays: 26,000 spectators), one of the most modern stages of Europe
    • place of event of concerts, e.g. by harsh ore Grönemeyer, Elton John or Anastacia
    • inauguration December 2002
  • VfL stadium at the Elsterweg
    • capacity: 21,600 spectators,after retreating longwall system of grandstands 20,000 spectators, of it 12,500 Stehplätze
    • today play the amateurs and the women of the VfL in this stadium
    • the main grandstand 1961 for 750.000 DM from concrete elements were built and stand under monument protection
    • inauguration to 10. October 1947, Verabschiedung from the stadiumto 23. November 2002


the crew celebrates the table guidance to 18.09.2004

further statistics

eight times front runners of the 1. Federal league (conditions: December 2005).

acquaintance player

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