Vicar (* 16. April 1934 in Santiago de Chile as Victor José Arriagada Rios) is a draughtsman von Comics with Disney.

Model for Vicar is Carl bark, who meant that Vicar of all Disney draughtsmen its style comes next.

Vicar completed first a study to the electronic engineer and painted and drew only in its spare time. it won 1956 with an indication competition of the journalistic combination the first price. This made possible it an occupation as a political caricaturist with the magazine Mercurio. Its figure Ramón, an anti-hero, had its own row in the magazine over many years.

Between 1960 and 1975 he lived in Barcelona and worked there for different magazines and publishing houses. In this time it manufactured also some stories of Petzi and drew for the Playboy. 1971 the publishing house Egmont on the draughtsman attentively and makes possible for it the work for Disney.

Vicar lives again in Santiago de Chile and is considered as a very productive draughtsman. He draws above all a Donald ducking - stories, with which it goes around the everyday problems into duck living.

Donald duck stories (selection)

  • 1981 in the dilemma (Donald's dilemma), dt. 2004
  • 1986 the double Donald (The Unemployment problem), dt. 1987
  • 1997 security for duck living (Crimebustin' Donald), dt. 1997


Disney's resound to OF Fame, volume 2 - Vicar. Egmont vgs, Cologne 2004, ISBN 3-7704-0681-8

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