Vicente Casanova y Marzol

Vicente cardinal Casanova y Marzol (* 16. April 1854 in Borja, Spain; † 23. October 1930 in Saragossa) was archbishop of Granada.


Vicente Casanova y Marzol received its philosophical and theological training in the seminars for priests from Saragossa and Madrid. It received the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe in the year 1881 and acquired one year after at the university of Valencia the training power in catholic theology. Subsequently, it worked as Seelsorger in Maluenda and Alfaro in the diocese Tarazona, before he became a minister in Madrid. 1907 appointed it Pope Pius X. to the bishop, 1925 it Pope Pius XI transferred von Almería. the line of the Erzdiözese Granada. In the same year it accepted it as a cardinal priest with the title church Santi vital one, Valeria, Gervasio e Protasio to the Kardinalskollegium .

Vicente cardinal Casanova y Marzol died to 23. October 1930 in Saragossa and was bestattet in the Metropolitanbasilika by Granada.


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