Victor François de Broglie

Victor François de Broglie, 2. Duke of Broglie, (* 19. October 1718; † 1804 in Münster) were a French army leader and statesman, marshal of France.


Victor François de Broglie

Victor François de Broglie fought under its father, François Marie de Broglie, 1734 in Italy with Parma and Guastalla and in the Austrian succession war in Böhmen, Bavaria and on the Rhine and ascended to the major general (maréchal de camps).

After the death of its father it followed as a duke and made in Seven-year-old war under marshal the d'Estrées meeting with Hastenbeck and under Soubise the battle with Rossbach also, then Kassel (1758) kommandierte, triumphed over the Hessen with Sandershausen, became a commander in Frankfurt/Main and struck the duke Ferdinand of Braunschweig in Hessen, conquered 13. April 1759 with mountains, for which he was raised from the emperor to the German realm Reich.

It took Minden on that, cleared the way to Hanover and after the defeat of the marshal Contades with Minden (August 1759) in its place the commander in chief and marshal was appointed.

It kept itself in the next years courageous and worked satisfactorily as the most efficient field gentleman of the Frenchmen in the seven-year-old war, came however into controversy with the prince von Soubise kommandierenden beside it and after some losses due to yard plots of the Pompadour was set off and1762 to its goods referred. it received the Generalgouvernement Metz and Lorraine to 1764.

With the outbreak of the revolution 1789 appointed the war Minister, befehligte it between Paris and Versailles pulled together troops, after whose waste it emigrierte. 1792 he took over the supreme command over the army thatBrothers of the king, became after Ludwig XVI. Execution member of the regency council suctions. , 1794 established and stepped foreign France a corps in the service of England after its dissolution 1797 with the same rank, which he had dressed in France, into Russian services, remained however except activity.

ThoseKonsularregierung invited it 1804 to the return to France, before he could follow however this call, died it 1804 into Münster.

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