Victor Sen Yung

Victor Sen Yung, also admits as Sen Young, Victor Sen Young and Sen Yung, (* 18. October 1915 in San Francisco, California; † 9. November 1980 in North Hollywood, California) was active an American actor, in the film until about 1980. He suffocated due to a gas leak (accident).

University: Animal Husbandry, university of California, Berkeley

it wrote a book concerning cantonesisches cooking with the title “Great Wok Cookbook” (Nash Publishing, 1974).

Victor Sen Yung began the looking plaything 1938 under the name Victor Yung. He worked at this time for a chemistry company and brought samples of a Flammenschutzmittels to the 20th Century Fox, in order to sell it. Instead of buying the chemicals, they tested it for the part Charlie Chans son number 2, where it along-played then in 12 Chan films.

Admits became it in particular as:

  • Son No. 2 of Charlie Chan, late son No. 1
  • the cook “Hop sing” on the Pond-pink in Bonanza


  • To Bonanza, Hop sing (cook)


  • The killer elite (17-Dec-1975)
  • Kung Fu (22-Feb-1972)
  • Flower Drum Song (9-Nov-1961)
  • The Hunters (26-Aug-1958)
  • Men in was (19-Mar-1957)
  • The Left hand OF God (21-Sep-1955)
  • The Breaking POINT (30-Sep-1950)
  • China (21-Apr-1943)
  • Across the Pacific (4-Sep-1942)
  • Castle into the the ore (2-Feb-1942)
  • Yank on the Burma Road (19-Jan-1942)
  • Charlie Chan in Rio (21-Aug-1941)
  • Charlie Chan RK the Wax museum (6-Sep-1940)
  • Murder Over New York (13-Dec-1940)
  • The type character (22-Nov-1940)
  • Charlie Chan RK Treasure Iceland (31-Aug-1939)
  • Charlie Chan in Honolulu (16-Dec-1938)


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