Four women and a murder (film)

film data
of German titles: Four women and a murder
original title: Murder Most Foul
production country: Great Britain
feature year: 1964
length (PAL - DVD): 87 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: George pole LOCK
film script: David PUR-universe
Jack Seddon
production: Ben work oath
music: Ron Goodwin
camera: The moon Dickinson
cut: Ernest walter

collecting main for four women and a murder is a novel of the English authoress Agatha Christie. The detective story developed 1952 under the title Mrs McGinty's DEAD and twelve years later under the title Murder Most Foul was filmed. The crime film-alga-laminated was published Tell in the USA under the title Blood wants. Agatha Christie is to have been most dissatisfied with the film title and rot it as (“lausig”) to have designated. Like already with the second measure Marple - filming (the wax bouquet) is again the collecting main an adapted Hercule Poirot - case.

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the film begins with the arrest of a “murderer” by a village policeman. Everything seems apparently in the act surprised to be clear during the court hearing - measures Marple would not be as a juror present. As only jurors it is convinced of the innocence of the young man. The traces lead to a small, drittklassigen group of theatres, which tingelt by the province. Short hand steps measures Marple of the troop, in order to come the murderer more near. It is supported as usual by the librarian Mr. Stringer, represented of stringer Davis.

Four women and a murder is the last from altogether four measure Marple filmings with Margaret Rutherford in the main role. A fifth film, with which to title Murder without end, in remove the film suggested, never one produced. However Margaret Rutherford and stringer Davis stepped thereafter again in a short sequence in the Poirot film “the murders of the Mr. ABC “(The alphabet Murders) (1965) with Tony edge universe in the main role up.

Due to the charm and still amusing joke all four works apply as cult films, which are to be pursued in regular intervals on the television.



the film music to the measure Marple films comes from Ron Goodwin. The title melody appeared on different LPs and CDs. A Suite from the films is on that CD “The measures Marple of film “, label X LXE 706 available.


  • measure Marple - 4-DVD-Box with all four films with Margaret Rutherford. The films are not however all in the original broad wall version on the DVDs. Only „murderers ahoi!“is approximate in the Cinemascope version (1.66: 1) contain.


  • George Seesslen: George pole LOCK and the British measure Marple films in ders.: Murder in the cinema. History and mythology of the detective film. Rowohlt, Reinbek with Hamburg 1981, ISBN 3-499-17396-4

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