Four for a Ave Maria

of German titles: Four for a Ave Maria
Originaltitel: I quattro dell' Ave Maria
Produktionsland: Italy
feature year: 1968
length (PAL - DVD): 132 minutes
of source language: English, Italian
age release: FSK 16
direction: Giuseppe Colizzi
film script: Giuseppe Colizzi
production: Giuseppe Colizzi
music: Carlo Rustichelli
camera: Marcello Masciocchi
cut: Marcello Malvestito

four for a Ave Maria (original title: I quattro dell' Ave Maria) is an Italian Italo Western - comedy from the year 1968. The film is the continuation of God assigns… Django never.


  • “crude jokes for dose beer evenings”… “grobschlächtige, but impressive Persiflage on Sergio Leones Italowestern " (tvspielfilm)

four for a Ave Maria is not the continuation of a Django of film, but the continuation of “God never assigns, we both”, the first Western of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer…

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