of these articles is occupied with the city Viersen, for the circle of the same name sees circle Viersen
coat of arms map
Wappen von Viersen Deutschlandkarte, Viersen hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: North Rhine-Westphalia
governmental district: Duesseldorf
district: Circle Viersen
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 51° 16 ' n. Break, 6° 24 ' o. L.
51° 16 ' n. Break,6° 24 ' o. L.
Height: 40 m and. NN
surface: 91.07 km ²
inhabitants: 76.608 (30. September 2005)
Population density: 841 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 41747 - 41751
preselection: 02162
Kfz characteristics: VIE
municipality key: 05 1 66 032
city arrangement: 4 Quarters
of the city administration:
Town hall market 1
41747 Viersen
E-Mail address:
Günter Thönessen (SPD)

the city Viersen are because of the lower left Niederrhein in North Rhine-Westphalia and are a large city circle-belonging of the circle Viersen in the governmental district Duesseldorf. The city is seat of theCircle Viersen.

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spatial layer

the town centre of Viersen is with 51°16' northern latitude and 6°24' of eastern length on approximately 40 meters over NN.


Viersen has approximately 77,000 inhabitants and extendson a surface of more than 9,100 hectares, under it

  • about 1,600 hectars cultivated surfaces,
  • about 4,500 hectars agriculturally used surfaces and
  • about 2,000 hectars garden, forest, green and water surfaces.

Against the wide-spread opinion the city name leads itself not from “four lakes” separates from thatold name “Viers” today's “villages of the brook” with the “emperor mill” off.

The city Viersen is arranged into the following four quarters: (Inhabitants to 30. September 2005)

Turm der Pfarrkirche von Süchteln
Tower of the parish church from Süchteln

to 1. January 1975 was Viersen independent urban area.


is spoken today of Viersen, then three formerly independent cities must be regarded, i.e. Viersen, Dülken and with the historical reviewSüchteln as well as the municipality Boisheim. These united during the local re-organization 1970 to the today's city Viersen. Up to then the development of the individual cities ran quite differently. Dülken, Süchteln and Boisheim belonged to the office Brüggen in the duchy Jülich. Viersen lay as geldrische Exklave the office Krickenbeck in the midst of the Jülicher of area. Only the Frenchmen terminated this situation 1794. Starting from 1815 the Niederrhein belonged as a component of the Rhine province to the Kingdom of Prussia. With it territorial splintering of the area ended. The affiliation to different territories had direct influence on thoseDevelopment of the three municipalities. Dülken and Süchteln were promoted and developed by the Jülicher national gentleman, because he wanted to strengthen them as Grenzstädte in relation to funds. In Viersen Cologne pin kept the pc. Gereon as a basic gentleman long time important influence. It did not possess interest in the development Viersens tooa city. Therefore the municipality in its settlement structure (strewn, particular hone shanks far) developed also differently than the neighbouring places Dülken and Süchteln (town centre, city attachment). The settlement structure of the municipality existing since the Middle Ages became only in 19. Century changes. The industrialization pressed the landscapetheir stamp up. With road construction and the railway important traffic facilities were created, which formed the conditions for the economic ascent. The textile industry was the development engine. Important companies developed, which exported world-wide. After the Second World War this development broke off. A new developed, more strongly diversified trade structure, the z. T. at structures of the Vorkriegszeit to tie, z could. B. in the iron and metalworking and food branch. The mental life of the three cities was essentially coined/shaped up to the end of the Second World War by the catholicism. The reformation gained only zaghaft a foothold.Nevertheless an important portion comes to the Protestanten with the development of the city. In Viersen were z. B. nearly all prominent familyfamily families Protestant.



in the Viersener Stadtwappen live the tradition away: In blue sign symbolize three silver (white)Mispelblüten the union of Dülken with Boisheim, Süchteln and Viersen to a new city.

The Mispelblüte, also „geldrische rose “mentioned, was at least since 1450 symbol of the Viersener of coat of arms picture.

She knows about decades on the affiliation to the Geldener administrative sovereignty. The Viersener city colors is blue andSilver (white).

partnerships between cities

Partnerstädte von Viersen
of twin cities of Viersen

famous personalities of the city

culture and objects of interest


  • fool millwith wisdom hall and fool museum
  • local history museum

of buildings and objects of interest


  • lategothical parish church pc. Remigius from that 15. Jh.
  • Remigiusplatz with court stones and Remigiusbrunnen
  • festival hall
  • Bongartzmühle (historical Wassermühle of 1246)
  • emperor mill with pertinent restaurant
  • new city hall (city hall)



  • newgothical parish church pc. Cornelius
  • age market
  • water tower with tower restaurant „wind rose “
  • city hall
  • fool mill
  • prisoner tower with Stadtmauer
  • east ditch, monastery wall and Stadtmauer


  • newgothical parish church pc. Clemens with old tower
  • Evangelist church Hindenburgstrasse
  • Irmgardiskapelle on the Süchtelner heights
  • former Süchtelner gate
  • weber well
  • weber house and Tendyckhaus
  • Irmgardisstift

gardens and park

  • age city garden
  • Casinogarten
  • game free enclosure with Dam, red and black game
  • Süchtelner heights
  • romantic landscape at the nice one (gate to the nature park Maas Schwalm nice one)
  • Niersaue


of the 1. Fiber plastic Viersen 05 is the fussballerische sign Viersens. The upper lyingist of many years playssince 2005 again in the federation league Niederrhein.

Each year takes place in Viersen the international Hochsprungmeeting. Viersen is called discharge us place of the Dreiband Billard WM as “Wimbledon of the Billards”.

regular meetings

  • three-volume Billard world championship in March in the festival hall Viersen
  • international Jazzfestival in Septemberin the festival hall Viersen (starting from 2007 no more by the city not supported)
  • international Hochsprungmeeting
  • large Karnevalsumzüge in the three quarters Viersen, Dülken and Süchteln
  • the Kindertrödelmarkt taking place annually in the summer, of Germany of largest this kind. It extends over the entire pedestrian precinct in the city centre, whereby noneStall money to carry out is.

economics and infrastructure

Viersen is homeland for a row medium-size production and service enterprise. Sweet goods manufacturer Masterfoods (Mars (Schokoriegel)) and Kaiser's Tengelmann AG have here their German centers. Several trade areas exist.

Since 2000 finds in alto Viersen, Dülken and Süchteln every two years the action “Viersen flower” instead of, with which the city centers with a multiplicity of Blumenarrangements are decorated.


High Schools

comprehensive school

primary schools

  • Agnes van Brakel school
  • cross gentleman Mr.
  • grain school
  • Remigiusschule
  • KGS pc. Notburga
  • Astrid Lindgren school
  • Paul Weyers school
  • city. kath. Primary school at the two-gate route
  • Martinschule
  • KGS Hamm

six-form high school

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