Viktor Geramb

Viktor Geramb (* 24. March 1884 in Germany mountain; † 8. January 1958 in Graz) was an important Volkskundler in the Steiermark.

Geramb was from 1913 to 1949 directors/conductors of the volkskundlichen department of the federal state museum Joanneum, whatever he had created 1913. Under its guidance this department was established as independent institution in the Steiri people customer museum. 1931 to 54 was it (with 10-year old interruption during and after that 2. World war) professor for Volkskunde at the University of Graz. 1933 it created the Steiri homeland work.

Geramb was the first Austrian, who itself scientifically with Volkskunde busy. With its contributions it supplied important fundamental work for the entire German-language Volkskunde.

In memory of Viktor Germab since 1981 by the “association building culture” the Geramb Dankzeichen for property building (Geramb rose) to the builders by single projects one lends, with which particularly to qualityful execution, environmental compatibility and landscape purchase one pays attention.


  • of rural national education work, 1922
  • German customs in Austria, 1924
  • Volkskunde of the Steiermark, 1926
  • of Steiri Trachtenbuch, 2 volumes, 1932/39 (with K. Mautner)
  • child and house fairy tale of the Steiermark, 1942, with illustrations of Emmy Hiesleitner Singer
  • around of Austria people culture, 1946
  • W. H. Riehl, life and working, 1954.


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