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Viktor de Kowa (also: Victor de Kowa, actually Victor Paul Karl Kowalczyk) (* 8. March 1904 in Hochkirch with Görlitz; † 8. April 1973 in Berlin) was a German theatre and Filmschauspieler, a Chansonsänger, a director, a storyteller and a comedy poet.

De Kowa was married with the actress Ursula Grabley (1908-1977) and the Japanese singer and actress Michi Tanaka (geb. 1913).

After the cadet school it visited the academy of arts and became only once a Plakatzeichner. Then de Kowa play instruction took its stage career with Erich Ponto and with Gustaf of creating gene at the citizen of Berlin national theatre and began 1922 in Dresden. After end 2. World war worked it also in organizations of the peace movement and in an artist trade union. From 1956-62 de Kowa was member of the Viennese of castle theatre.

As an author de Kowa wrote stage comedies (“so or so”, “Heut evening around 6”, “unfaithful”, “Florian is not a bad chap” among other things, “the Tolpatsch”) and translated pieces from the French.


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] the actor its first small Filmrolle at the silent movie time in “the heart thief” (1927). In the UFA - time (1930er to 1940er years) ranked de Kowa among the most important personalities of the film comedy.

In the post-war period de Kowa in the films shone “Peter Voss, the million-thief” (1946) as Peter Voss, “the devil general “(1954) as a SS-group leader (GenLt.) to Schmidt Lausitz, “it must not always caviar be “(1961) as Loos (also in the follow-up film “this time it must be caviar”), the Edgar Wallace filmthe counterfeiter of London “(1961) as Dr. Wells or into “the house in Montevideo” (1963) as a lawyer.

On the television de Kowa in the television play “the large scene” played (1962) (beside Antje Weisgerber) and also into the series “Slim Callagher reaches” (Second Channel of German Television, 1964) also.

Its last Filmrolle played Viktor de Kowa in the Karl May film Winnetou and its friend old Firehand (1966) as spleeniger Englishmen Ravenhurst.

As a synchronous speaker Viktor de Kowa was also the German voice of James Stewart in the comedy “my friend Harvey” (1951) and into “the journey in the uncertain” (1952).


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Viktor de Kowa also again and again was a source of hintergründiger quotations. Here some examples:

  • A prejudice is to be recognized rather surely by the fact that one ereifert oneself in its reason.
  • Not the beauty decides, whom we love, but it decides the love whom beautiful we find.
  • Geizhälse are unpleasant contemporaries, but pleasant ancestors.
  • A plagiarism is a quotation under Weglassung of the quotes.
  • Prominent ones are to be protected humans, who strive much, their Inkognito, and who are very disappointed, if succeeds.
  • A good marriage consists of a better half and a stronger half.
  • Maintenance must have to do always also with attitude.


  • William shrubs: “Max & Moritz - Fipps the ape”, hearing book reading with Viktor de Kowa, ISBN 3-89830183-4
  • singing photographs on records, among other things “A white one with 'nem Himbeerschuss”, “one must also do 'times 'nen hop”

books of de Kowa

  • Achduliebezeit. From the libretto of my life. Stuttgart: German publishing house, 1971. ISBN 3-421-01580-5
  • as I still a prince was from Arkadien. Nuremberg: Glock & Lutz, 1955. (a biography)
  • Katechismus of the healthy human understanding. Stuttgart: Pontes publishing house 1949.
  • Mullepux. Fallen in love to third. A completely small novel. Berlin: Kranich, 1941.
  • All kinds of one with brush and lead. Serious and cheerful sketches. Berlin: Kranich publishing house, 1941.

bibliography over de Kowa

  • walter Gottfried Lohmeyer: Viktor de Kowa. The history of a Auftstiegs. Berlin: H. Wendt 1934.
  • Hans Joachim Schlamp: Victor de Kowa (“artist biographies”, volume 9). Berlin: R. Mölich 1939.

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