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the German academy Rome mansion Massimo (Italian “Accademia Tedesca Roma Mansion Massimo ") is a cultural facility of the Federal Republic of Germany with seat in the mansion of the same name in Rome.

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you is an important element of the national artist promotion. Selected ones German artists from the sections screen end art, literature, music (composer) and architecture are invited to one year's study stays in the mansion Massimo or to three months lasting stays in that about 60 kilometers southeast from Rome Casa Baldi (Olevano), lain. There they can live and work as scholarship holders in ten studios free of charge. An important thought is thereby the interdisciplinary exchange of the individual art sections and the mutual suggestion of the artists. In addition the academy aligns each year numerous cultural meetings and presents the works of the artists in public exhibitions. The scholarship holders of the academy of the arts Berlin, which are accommodated in the mansion Serpentara (lain in Olevano beside the Casa Baldi), are cared for likewise by the mansion Massimo and are into all activities of the German academy Rome included.


the mansion Massimo was built from 1910 to 1914 of the citizen of Berlin entrepreneur and Mäzen Eduard Arnhold (1849 - 1925), which gave it afterwards together with the donation capital of 680.000 realm Marks to the Prussian state.

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  • Angela wind wood:Mansion Massimo - for the establishment history of the German academy in Rome and its buildings, Peter mountain (Imhof) 2003. ISBN 3-935590-93-8

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