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Wappen der Stadt Villach Österreichkarte, Position von Villach
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Kärnten
district: Mansion CH city (VI)
administration: Statutarstadt
surface: 134.89 km ²
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 46° 37 ′ 30 " N, 13° 50 ′ 03 " O
46° 37 ′ 30 " N, 13° 50 ′ 03 " O
Height: 501 m and. NN
inhabitant: 57.612 (2002)
population density: 428 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 9500
preselection: 04242
official municipality characteristic number: 2 02 01
city administration: Town hall square 1
9500 much-laugh
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Helmut Manzenreiter (SPÖ)
map: District much-laugh city in Kärnten
Kärnten Karte (Villach Stadt)

much-laugh [ˈfɪlax] (Slovenian: Beljak) is the second largest city Kärntens and an important traffic junction in Austria and in the alps Adria area.

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geographical layer

the city is because of the western edge of the Klagenfurter of basinat the confluence of the Drau with the Gail.

The Gemeindegebiet of much-laugh borders and/or. several seas, under it the Ossiacher lake, Faaker lake, silver lake , Vassacher lake, Magdalensee and the pc. encloses. Leonharder lake.

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City arrangement

the following of places and quarters belong too much-laugh:

  • Bogenfeld, Dobrova, Draut, Drobollach at the Faaker lake, Duel, Egg at the Faaker lake, Goritschach, Graschitz, burr chess, Greuth, Gritschach, large saddle, Grossvassach, holy Gestade, holy spirit, small saddle, Kleinvassach, Kratschach, Kumitz, landcrown, Maria Gail, Mittewald upperthe Faaker lake, center forest whether much-laugh, newskin oh, new ground-crown, upper ones skin oh, Oberfederaun, upperpoured, Oberwollanig, Pogöriach, Prossowitsch, Rennstein, Serai, pc. And RA, pc. Georgen, pc. Leonhard, pc. Magdalen, pc. Michael, pc. Pc. NIC-read to the Drau. Ruprecht, pc. Ulrich, Tschinowitsch, Turdanitsch, lower one skin oh,Unterfederaun, Unterschütt, Unterwollanig, Urlaken, Villach Auen, mansion-CH-internal city, Villach Lind, mansion CH sea-brook which soil, Villach sp. Agathen and Perau, Villach sp. Martin, mansion CH people village, mansion CH warm bath Jew village, white brook, Zauchen
much-laugh, old part of town with city parish church of the Draubrücke from


the oldest finds of human traces in the area much-laughoriginate from the late Jungsteinzeit. Finds from the Roman time (15 v. Chr.) occupy the existence of a road station with the name Santicum. This name points warm bath” on the thermal bath “in the south of the city. The name much-laugh probably leads itselffrom a Roman customs station named Bilachinium and/or. Bilachium off. In order 600 immigrated slawische trunks, and late ancient times civilization heard to exist on.

Around 740 Karantanien ( the original name of Kärnten ) arrived under the rule of the duchy Bavaria. The Karolinger king Karl man Öttingen the king yard meeting gave 878 to the Bavarian monastery. The Villacher bridge and the later city name was thus mentioned for the first time documentary.

979 became the king yard much-laugh by the emperor Otto II. at bishop Albuin from SAB EN Brixen as Lehen assign. Much-laughs in the possession of the diocese Bamberg was from 1007 to 1759. 1060 received much-laugh the market, 1240 the municipal law. Much-laugh 1348 and 1690 by heavy earthquakes one devastated. After around 1526 the reformationin much-laugh introduction had held, became much-laugh to the Kärntner center of the protest anti-mash. Around 1600 however the Villacher Protestanten was forced to emigrating. The consequence from it was that the economic fall of the city was accelerated.

1759 became much-laugh from empress Maria Theresia as well as all other bambergischen possessions in Kärnten for Austria “bought” (it however never paid). In the course of the theresianischen reforms much-laughs beside complaint ford and people market the seat circle captain shank became.

During the napoleonischen time (1809 to 1813) was Much-laugh district town within the French illyrischen provinces. The city was back-conquered 1813 by Austria.

During the First World War much-laughs, as city close at the front was to Italy, the seat of the command of the 10. Army. In the Second World War became much-laughby 40 air raids heavily damages.


in the year 1905 a part of the Gemeindegebiets of pc. became. Martin in in common December. 1973 became larger the city by the incorporation of landcrown, Maria Gail and Fellach on the new.

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local council

the local council (city council) consist of 45 members, whereby the mayor leads the presidency.

The local council sits down together as follows (2003):

city senate

of the Villacher city senate (city government) consists of seven members. The mayor, who is selected directly by the Villacher population, has the presidency. The two vice-mayors as well as the town councillorsby the local council is selected, whereby the party membership is determined by the election result.

  • Mayor Helmut Manzenreiter, SPÖ
  • 1.Vizebürgermeister smelling pool of broadcasting corporations column, SPÖ
  • 2.Vizebürgermeisterin likes. Gerda Sandriesser, SPÖ
  • town councillor likes. Hilde Schaumberger, SPÖ
  • town councillor Harald Sobe, SPÖ
  • town councillor Walter long, FPÖ
  • town councillor LAbg.KR Helmut Hinterleitner, ÖVP

partnerships between cities

economics and infrastructure

much-laugh, congress center

in the year 1970 started the company Siemens with a diode production in much-laugh.1979 were begun the first disk manufacturing and the development center for microelectronics was created. A constant development of the location followed in much-laughs, so that Siemens to one of the largest employers in much-laugh became. Since the year 2000 leads from thatSiemens semiconductor range come out Infineon Technologies AG the location much-laugh as authority center for automobile and industrial electronics and as main location of the Infineon Technologies Austria AG.

By 15. 3,234 enterprises of 32,133 coworkers employed May 2001 in much-laugh. 15 enterprises of it count with moreas ever 200 coworkers as large-scale enterprises.


the city much-laugh represents since its beginnings an important traffic junction both in the rail traffic and in the traffic in Kärnten.

rail traffic

in much-laugh run the railway lines that Tauernbahn of Salzburg coming and the south course of Vienna coming together. The distance of the south course, at which 1864 much-laugh one attached, leads south toward Italy. The Karawankenbahn makes the railway connection to Slovenia. Much-laugh is one the most importantCourse junctions of Austria, and in the 58,000 inhabitant city much-laugh gives it following stations and stops: - Much-laugh main station - much-laugh west station - much-laugh east station (for connections to South-east Europe) - much-laugh warm bath - much-laugh sea-brook - much-laugh pc. Ruprecht at most frequentsthe Villacher main station is natural, in addition, the other stations and stops are important stations also for the suburban traffic. From the Villacher to east station above all connections go to South-east Europe (for instance the “optimum express” after Erdine in Turkey, or also car trains intoEuropean foreign country, above all however to Germany). In the range Fürnitz is appropriate for the large marshalling yard mansion CH south. Traditionally therefore a substantial portion of the Villacher population is busy with the Austrian federal courses ÖBB. In much-laugh lies further the central course office for south Austria.


at the motorway junction much-laughs crosses the southern highway a2, which leads from Vienna across Graz to Italy, with from Tauernautobahn the A10 and the Karawankenautobahn A11. The Tauernautobahn makes the connection many salmon direction Salzburg and Germany, thoseKarawankenautobahn connects much-laughs with Slovenia.

The Kärntner road B83, which leads , runs from complaint ford to Italy outside of the city centre through much-laughs southeast and one is after main entry roads much-laughs. In the eastern part of the city the Ossiacher road B94 branchesof the B83 off and Veit leads to the Friesacher road B317 after woman stone into the district continued to sink. This crossing is partly developed. In the north then the Drautal road B100 of the Ossiacher road branches, which then towardThe west to the Villacher road B86 runs. In further consequence the B100 continues to lead after Spittal to the Drau, Osttirol and to Italy. The Villacher road connects the Drautalstrasse B100 and the Kärntner road B83 as west by-pass. The B86and B83 cross in a well removed flat-free knot. These roads manufacture a road ring around the Villacher center. The Faakersee road B84 connects finally the Faaker lake with much-laughs.

security and monitoring

much-laugh sets toPreservation of security on shorter intervals of the police patrols and in the “restaurant mile” would leather-suppl.-eat on video monitoring in connection with call boxes set up (in the future ). This is not undisputed, however so far the feared misalignment of Raufhandel and Vandalismus could not on monitoring-free zonesare observed. See also video monitoring and monitoring. Recently on private initiative also a night watchman was installed, who draws its rounds particularly on the critical weekends by the city and is to calm applied young people down. Unclear is still, like the furtherFinancing of the pilot project looks.

In order to fight the increasing us valley doing gene by Graffiti, by the city surfaces to the legal Sprayen and funds from the art promotion are made available.

culture and objects of interest


  • new stageMuch-laugh


  • museum of the city much-laugh
  • vehicle museum
  • doll museum
  • mushroom forest nature miracle world - mushroom museum
  • Ebners house museum - mining industry, agriculture and tourism
  • relief of Kärnten

much-laugh, church to the holy cross

of buildings

  • city parish church pc. Jakob (gothical resounding church)
  • Nikolaikirche - again-gothical church, 1896 inaugurated with attached Franziskanerkonvent
  • church “to the holy cross”, baroque pilgrimage church
  • Evangelist church in the city park was built in the years 1901 to 1903.
  • Castle ruin landcrown
  • Congress center much-laugh (place of event of the Villacher of carnival)
  • historical town centre alsoMain place, Dreifaltigkeitssäule and parts of the earlier Stadtmauer
  • relief of Kärnten on 182m ²
  • Roman way (part of a Roman road)
  • pc. Johanner Kircherl - medieval church on earlier pre-Christian cult and geo one tables force place
  • pc. Michaeler church - under the ruin landcrown, also inthe brick-work let in Roman artifacts
  • of hill graves from the resounding place time close of the ruin landcrown
  • Paracelsushof - former residence and place first of the laboratory of the Theophrast of high home (Paracelsus)


  • city park
  • Schillerpark
  • roll ago of the bird pasture park
  • Dinzlpark
  • Hafnerpark
  • KurparkWarm bath (private property)


  • Maibachl - hot Thermalquelle in much-laugh warm bath from the overflow of the stores of water in the Dobratsch, which flows during the thaw (usually between April and June) or after strong rainfalls. 2005 became the MaibachlNaturdenkmal raised [1].
  • Eggerloch - cave in the Dobratsch, in 2. World war as shelters served and the rumors according to by the whole Dobratsch to pull itself is.


  • of ice hockey federal league associations: EC VSV
  • alpine arena (ski jump run) and Langlaufloipe toFoot of the Drobratschs lain
  • place of event of the wheel world championships 1986

regular meetings

view of the Faaker lake of the Mittagskogel

culinary specialities



of sons and daughters of the city

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