Villeneuve Loubet

Villeneuve Loubet lies to the French Riviera southwest from Cagnes and consists of the local parts Villeneuve Loubet of troubles and Villeneuve Loubet Ville. The old part of town of Villeneuve Loubet groups itself at a hill - to its feet lies the river Loup, which flows directly there into the sea.

South the newer local part Villeneuve Loubet of troubles, which developed in the fifties, is appropriate for the delta of the Loup. Villeneuve Loubet is the birth city dedicated of Augusts Escoffier, it is the famous museum of the cook art Musée de l'Art Culinaire, which resides in its birth house.

Far away from everywhere visibly, at the beach the holidays settlement Marina Baie of the Anges was established. It consists of four gigantic, pyramid-shaped multistoried buildings with elegantly swung front.

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