Vin Diesel

Vincent Diesel (* 18. July 1967 in New York, New York, the USA; actually Mark of Vincent) is an US-American Filmschauspieler.

Vin Diesel was drawn up by its nut/mother and its stepfather in Greenwich many situation and is Irish, afro American, Scottish andItalian descent. He never became acquainted with its physical father. Although its stepfather was a play teacher, it came rather coincidentally to its first role: With seven years it provided with friends entrance to a theatre around it to devastate itself. They were surprised in the act, receivedinstead of rehearsing a punishment however 20 US$ and the task, daily after the school for a piece. Further roles followed after different New Yorker Theaterbühnen, which were however badly paid. Owing to its muscle training it could do itself with 17 clubs various as Türsteher somethingMoney to it-earn, where he became acquainted with also its current life companion Vicky Benzino. It broke its English study off at the college after three years, in order to go to Hollywood. Despite its theatre experience it did not have a success and returned to New York. Its interest in the film was howeverunbroken and after the reading of the book „feature of film RK used car prices “ (features at used car prices) he turned short hand its own film, for which he wrote the film script, led direction and acted as a leading actor. Its Erstling Multi Facial became also with the film festivals in Cannesshown and the critics inspired. By Multi Facial became also Steven play mountain on it attentively, which engaged him for a role in the soldier James Ryan. This meant its break-through in Hollywood and main roles in pitch Black, The nearly and the Furious and different one Actionfilmen.

Even if one knows Vin Diesel mainly as rogue or a cool hero, he has to finally owe nevertheless its cinema career to his ambitionierten commitment as film producers and his abilities as serious actors in the drama Multi Facial. Again it placed this under proof, as To Sidney Lumet it in the main role of the court drama find ME Guilty occupied. The film stood in the competition of the Berlinale 2006.

In April 2005 the first comedy with Vin Diesel came into the cinemas: The Babynator (original title: The Pacifier, Disney).

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