Vincent Auriol

Vincent Auriol (* 27. August 1884 in Revel, strike Garonne; † 1. January 1966 in Paris) was a politician and a president of the French republic.

After the law studies the son of a baker in Toulouse established itself as an attorney. 1904 it becameMember of the Fédération socialiste and 1914 their delegate. Of 1919 - 1936 he was Secretary-General of the socialist chamber parliamentary group. Its name is closely connected with Léon Bluem; it was during the reign front populaire 1936 /37 Minister of Finance, reformed at that time the bank of France and became 1937 Ministers of Justice. it expressed 1940 against the French surrender and the government Pétain , interned themselves, followed the Résistance and escaped 1943 to de Gaulle.

1943 and 1944 belonged to Auriol of the provisional national assembly in Algiers and Paris. 1944 it becamePresident of the constituent and the condition-giving national assembly, 1945 Ministers of State and deputy Prime Minister. It represented France at the United Nations and became in January 1946 chamber president. To 16. January 1947 was selected Auriol to the first president of the fourth republic and the union française. It practicedthis office until 1954 out, operated the approximation of the fourth republic at the USA and Great Britain and endorsed a policy of the strength in relation to the colonies. Auriol expressed itself against the European defense community and the German rearmament . 1959 it left the socialist party in the controversyover their tolerating the government de separated 1960 from the condition advice, since it rejected the condition development under de Gaulle.

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