Vincent Defrasne

Vincent Defrasne (* 9. March 1977 in Pontarlier) is a French Biathlet.

In the season 1999/00 Vincent Defrasne stepped for the first time in the Biathlon Worldcup into feature. Its best Gesamtweltcup placement reached it 2004/05 (7. Place), its so far only Weltcupsieg succeeded to it to 7. January 2006 with the Sprintrennen in upper yard.

With large events Vincent Defrasne was so far mainly successful with French relays. With the Biathlon world championships 2001 in Pokljuka it won gold likewise and with the world championships 2004 in upper yard bronze, with the olympic winter plays 2002 in salt Lake town center bronze.

Its largest single success is the profit the olympic gold medal in pursuit with the olympic winter plays 2006 in Turin. In the goal print Defrasne could become generally accepted against the favored title defender of oils Einar Bjørndalen. With the French relay he achieved besides bronze medal.

Vocationally Defrasne is busy at the French army and still lives in its place of birth Pontarlier. Its hobby is, apart from the sport, the music.


  • olympic winter plays:
    • 2002: 1x bronze (relay)
    • 2006: 1x gold (pursuit), 1x bronze (relay)
  • world championships:
    • 2001: 1x gold (relay)
    • 2004: 1x bronze (relay)
    • 2006: 1x bronze (mix OD relay)
  • Weltcupsiege:
    • 2 (conditions: 18. February 2006)


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