Vincenzo Fagiolo

Vincenzo cardinal Fagiolo (* 5. February 1918 in Segni, Italy; † 22. September 2000 in Rome) was bishop von Chieti later and and a Kurienkardinal of the Roman-catholic church.


Vincenzo Fagiolo received its theological and philosophical training in Segni, Anagni and Rome. It attained a doctorate both in catholic theology and in canonical right and received to 6. March 1943 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe. Subsequently, worked he as municipality and Gehörlosenseelsorger, university teacher and Prosynodalrichter in Rome. It participated in the years 1962 to 1965 as an expert in the second Vatikani council and became 1968 AUDI gate of the Roman Rota. Pope Paul VI. appointed it 1971 the bishop von Chieti. The Bischofsweihe received Vincenzo Fagiolo by cardinal Carlo Confalonieri. 1984 appointed it Pope Johannes Paul II. to the secretary of the Kongregation for the medal people and institutes for secular, 1990 to the president of the papal advice for the interpretation of legal texts and to the director/conductor of the Disziplinarkommission of the Kurie. 1994 it accepted it as a cardinal deacon with the Titeldiakonie San Teodoro to the Kardinalskollegium . Vincenzo Fagiolo died to 22. September 2000 in Rome and was bestattet in the cathedral by Chieti.


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