a Virtuose is someone, which controls a certain ability up to perfection or with the help of a special technology. The word arrived from latin (virtus = virtue) over the Italian (virtuoso = able) into German and generally designates a special skill and talent in implementing certain activities. The term was used first primarily for great musicians and singers. Paganini was a Virtuose on the violin, Liszt at the piano.

In the recent language development the designation of the music was transferred to various other life and work areas: One can speak of „virtuosen cooks “likewise as of „Virtuosen at the computer keyboard “. A Virtuose developed and stands its abilities up to the championship thereby contrary to the bare Dilettanten.

Music is called mostly virtuos, if it places the artist before impressing difficult tasks “relating to crafts”, z. B. to play unusually many notes within a short time or at the same time to change or fast by different registers.

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