Vishwanath Pratap Singh

Vishwanath Pratap Singh (विश्वनाथप्रतापसिंह) (* 25. June 1931 in Allahabad in the Federal State Uttar Pradesh in India) was of 2. December 1989 up to 10. November 1990 of the sieved prime ministers of India. Its party Janata Dal won 1989 the elections in India as well as the communist party.

He was selected in the year 1967 as a delegate in the Indian parliament. In the years 1988 and 1989 there were increasing economic problems, so that it came to conflicts in the governing congress party. From protest against office abuse and corruption in the guidance of a party and government past the Secretary of Defense and financial Vishwanath Pratap Singh split the reform wing off and created the democratic people's party (Samajwadi Janata Dal).

Before the parliamentary elections of 1989 it united its party with four further center opposition from the left parties to the Wahlbündnis national front (Rashtriya Morcha), led it to the choice victory and replaced the prime minister Rajiv Gandhi of the congress party, entangled into a corruption scandal.

After splitting its party and its fall by a vote of no confidence in the parliament he had to leave the office 1990 to its internal-party opponent Chandra Shekhar.


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