Vitali Klitschko

Dr. Vitali Klitschko

Dr. Vitali Klitschko (right) with brother Vladimir
birth name Vitali Wladimirovich Klitschko
weight class heavyweight
nationality Ukrainian
birthday 19. July 1971
place of birth Belowodsk
day of death
death place
style link rushing situation
of size of 2.02 m
combat statistics
of fights of 37
victories 35
KO of victories 34
defeats 2
no valuation

Dr. Vitali Klitschko (Ukrainian ВiталiйВолодимировичКличко/Witalij Wolodymyrowytsch Klytschko; * 19. July 1971 in Belowodsk, Kirgisistan) is a former Ukrainian Profiboxer. He is son of a UkrainianOfficer and a Russian Pädagogin. Its younger brother is Vladimir Klitschko. Since April 1996 it is married. With its wife it has three children (conditions: March 2006).

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Klitschko was born as a son of Vladimir Rodionowitsch and Nadeshda Uljanowna in Semipalatinsk. Vitali Klitschko studied, like its brother Vladimir sport sciences and philosophy to the Ukrainian Perejaslaw Chmelnizki educational university. 1996 becameit in sport sciences attains a doctorate.

Vitali Klitschko at the age of 13 years on a military base in Hradčany, Czechoslovakia made first experiences with that for boxes, where the family Klitschko lived since the transfer of the father. There a box section was furnished, in order to be able to offer to the children of the soldiers leisure activities.


1985 drew the family after Kiew. While Klitschko exercised the box haven also further, its attention applied now strengthens for the Kickboxen, which it under Andrej Schistow to train began. Within the next three years it won only the city championship, then the republic championship of the Ukraine and afterwards the Spartakiade. It was accepted to the Soviet junior national team of the Kickboxer. This traveled in the spring 1989 upInvitation after west Palm Beach, the USA, to the match against the American youth national team. The 17-jährige Klitschko lost there its fight.

The start of the army service forced temporarily an interruption of the sporty activity. In the ZSKA Klitschko took that with Vladimir ZolotarewTraining. Klitschko operated in particular Kickboxen and parallel to it boxes. As an army sportsman it won 1991 the Kickbox world championship in Paris. Altogether the number of its world championship titles in the Kickboxen amounts to six; two with the amateurs, four with that Professional. During its Kickboxkarriere it suffered the only KO of its sporty career. With the Kickbox European championships 1992 in Warna, Bulgaria it met in the final on the Britisher Pele Reid and had after a footstep to the chin in the 2.Round to soil. Since there is no depositing with this light contact variant of the Kickboxens, the fight was broken off immediately by Ringrichter.

amateur box career

as an amateur was successfully Klitschko also in boxes, it triumphed in 195 fights (80 victories prematurely)with only 15 defeats. Among other things it won three Ukrainian championships, the 23.Chemistry cup in resounds and the military world championship 1995 in Rome, it struck thereby in the final the Russian Alexei Lezin to points. With the amateur world championship occupied 1995 in Berlinit the second place, when it was subject to Lezin in the final.

Afterwards it prepared for the olympic plays of Atlanta . Since in a Dopingprobe however the income of the Steroids Nandrolon was proven to it, remained for it due to the following one year'sThe participation closes malfunctioned.

professional box career

1996 came it to the contract conclusion with the German boxing universe universe box graduation. With it Klitschkos career began as Profiboxer. Its debut in professional boxes decided Vitali Klitschko to 16. November 1996 for itself, byit Tony Bradham in the second round of combat KO struck. After a series of 24 KO-victories in consequence Klitschko won to 26. May 1999 in its 25. Professional fight against Herbie Hide the world champion title of the WBO by KO in thatsecond round. This defended it successfully in two fights, before it it to 4. April 2000 at Chris Byrd lost. After the ninth round Klitschko the fight gave up because of a shoulder injury. It lay at this time on the point notesall three Punktrichter in front (twice with 7:2, once with 8:1 rounds).

After injury-conditioned break Klitschko gave to 25. November 2000 with a fight against Timo Hoffmann for the vakanten European champion title its comeback. The point victory against Hoffmann was the only fightits professional career, which one decided not prematurely. In the future it fought itself with several victories against hochklassige opponents, Orlin Norris, Ross Puritty, Vaughn Bean and Larry Donald, to the point of the rank lists of the box federations back andascended thereby to the obligation challenger of the world champion at that time Lennox Lewis .

Originally it should with a freiwilligen title defense of Lewis against the Canadian Kirk Johnson in a Vorkampf against another opponent boxes. Durch die verletzungsbedingte Absage Johnsons bekam Klitschko allerdingsthe chance to begin against Lewis. To 22. June 2003 lost Klitschko against Lewis by technical cost. After the sixth round the fight had been broken off by the ring physician because of several strongly bleeding CUT injuries within the eye range Klitschkos. At this time it hadon all three point notes four of the six rounds won.

By the unfortunate nature of the defeat Klitschko remained nevertheless highly in the rank lists platziert. Still in the December of the same yearly it could itself by a KO-victory over in the rank lists highlyplatzierten Kirk Johnson qualify for a further title fight.

To 25. April 2004 became Klitschko in of Los Angeles for the second time world champions in the heavyweight, this time after version of the “World Boxing Council” (WBC), the most renowned box federation. The title was afterthe resignation from Lennox Lewis before vakant become. It won in Los Angeles against Corrie of Sanders by technical KO in the 8. Round. To 8. March 2003 had surprisingly defeated Sanders still Klitschkos brother Vladimir during its title defense.

Klitschko defendedsubsequently, its title to 12. December 2004 against the Englishman Danny Williams by technical KO in the 8. Round. It was the last fight in the professional career of the Ukrainers, which was not to be foreseen at this time yet.

Next opponent should the American Hasim Rahman its, which had made itself 2001 with a surprising KO-victory over Lennox Lewis a name, in the direct back fight however heavily KO had gone and also in some fights in the future had disappointed. Klitschko hadthe obligation defense several times injury shift. To 30. April was a muscle fiber tear the reason, to 18. June and to 23. July a back OI, briefly before that 12. November then a meniscus tear in the right knee. Apart from the meniscus damage became additional with itstill the tear of the cross volume in the right knee diagnoses. Since by these injuries the fight had again to be called off, the WBC announced to deny to Klitschko the world champion title if it for title defense within 60 days do not follow its obligation.

Thereupon itthe 34-Jährige decided to the surprising resignation, to 9. November 2005 communicated officially the end of its professional career to Klitschko.

List of its most important fights: Boxkämpfe Vitali Klitschko


the Klitschko brothers engaged themselves for the democracy movement (orange revolution) in the Ukraine. To 26. March 2006 began Vitali Klitschko with the choice to the mayor of the city Kiew and stood as a candidate for the Ukrainian parliament. With the mayor choice it obtained 29% of the voices and lost thereby against Leonid Chernovetsky,were correct for the 34%. The office holder Olexander Omelchenko reached only 20%.

Vitali Klitschko and his brother Vladimir apart from the sport for more social justice engage themselves other since 1996. They have a fund for socially disadvantaged childrenbased and aid projects started in Morocco and Brazil. They support training course and education activities for children in the countries in Africa, Asia and South America. For their employment they are distinguished of the UNESCO as “Heroes for Kids”, as models for Fairness,sporty success and education.

Klitschko locked a sport teacher study at the educational university Perejaslaw Chmelnizki with honor. In the year 2000 it attained a doctorate to the doctor of the sport sciences.


active time: November 1996 until November of 2005
coaches: Fritz Sdunek
Size: 2.02 meters
weight (Ø): 112 kg
of range: 2.02 meters
thorax extent: 1.18 meters
of Bizeps: 43.5 cm
lower arm: 43 cm
fist: 30 cm

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