Vivian Schmitt

Vivian Schmitt (* 31. March 1978 in Bydgoszcz) is a Pornodarstellerin.

Size: 173 cm, mass: 94-65-93. Vivian Schmitt grew up in Berlin and began its career in the Pornobranche in the year 2004 with a vertical take-off: still in the same year it received the honor as the best Nachwuchsdarstellerin on the Venus 2004 in Berlin. Apart from its activity as Darstellerin it stood also for model for the title pages of different high polish magazines (Maxim, chocolate). The Darstellerin stands with the Produktionsgesellschaft Videorama under contract.

2005 won Vivian the E-LINE Award (before times Venus) as „the best German Darstellerin “.



  • pure desire (2004)
  • animal hot (2004)
  • excessive weekend (2004)
  • blond sin (2004)
  • greedy lips (2005)
  • Unersättlich (2005)
  • a tail is me not enough (2005)
  • extremes longing (2005)
  • the hacker (2006)


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