viceroy (or viceroy's wife) is called the person, who represents the monarch, if this is not able to notice its obligations. Reasons for it can be for example its absence, dying , capture or illness.

There in the countries of the crown by Aragon (Valencia, Katalonien, Mallorca, Sardinien and Neapel - Sicilies) since longer time the system of the viceroys, transferred one was already inserted this also to Spanish colonies in the new world. The viceroy was a highest representative of the crown in one that viceroy realms in America. First viceroy that countries in “west India “, which can be discovered again, was Christoph Columbus. Spanish America was first arranged into two, later into four viceroy realms (viceroy realm new Spain and viceroy realm Peru, then also viceroy realm Neugranada and viceroy realm of the Río de la Plata).

Portugal had only one viceroy (viceroy of India) in Goa, which became remaining colonies governed by governors.

In the British colonial empire the viceroys of India were the highest representatives of the crown in British India.

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