Vladimír Šmicer

Vladimír Šmicer (* 24. May 1973 in Děčín) is a Czech football player.


the Czech offensive midfield player celebrated its largest successes as it 1999 to the fiber plastic Liverpool changed. 2001 it won the UEFA cup and 2005 with the Englishmen in its last season for English club the UEFA champion League in a dramatic final against the AC Milan. In this final it was exchanged in the middle of the first half time and could obtain after a 0:3 half time arrears in the second half time so important 2:3 connection hit.

With the Czech national team it became with the football European championship 1996 in the final against Germany vice-European champion. It was also in the cadre for Tschechien with the football European championship 2000 and the football European championship 2004. Only the participation in a soccer world championship is missing to the spielerisch strong external runner.

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