Vohwinkeler flea market

Vohwinkeler flea market

of the Vohwinkeler flea market takes place each year on last September - weekend under the Wuppertaler suspension railway in the quarter Vohwinkel .

The Vohwinkeler flea market already codeveloped from a modest, improvised quarter meeting in the year 1971 1980 over 300.000 visitors to the world largest a daily flea market with appropriate entry in the Guinness book of the records. In the initial years the flea market was organized predominantly by the community of the retailers in the quarter. Since 1973 the organization is incumbent on the working group Vohwinkeler of associations, which accomplishes to today this people celebration in honorary activity.

The Vohwinkeler flea market at this becomes annual one Sunday of approx. 250,000 humans from the entire federal territory visits. In some years, in according to good weather, the official estimations of the police and the city administration Wuppertal proceeded even from up to 500.000 visitors. For organizational reasons the working group Vohwinkeler of associations saw itself already forced in the initial years of the flea market to let the starting period begin to the flea market the previous evening. That led soon to it that the flea market was already used at the night starting from 0 o'clock by thousands visitors, a further Superlativ than singular night flea market was thus created.

The working group Vohwinkeler of associations as organizers of this „Spektakels “could win prominent personalities again and again as protectors for the meeting, among them Federal President Johannes Rau, the minister of foreign affairs Hans Dietrich Genscher, the employment minister Norbert Bluem, the President of the Bundestag at that time Dr. Rainer Barzel, the Ambassador in Israel Rudolf Dressler, numerous Members of the Bundestag of all parties and in each case the mayors of the city Wuppertal.

In the years 1971, 1974, 1980, 1981 and 1982 the German post office furnished even special post offices with special stamps to the Vohwinkeler flea market.

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