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in Germany is called the popular vote popular vote.

According to the article 29 of the Basic Law is onlyduring a reorganisation of the federal territory a popular vote necessarily for the confirmation. (e.g. Border changes of a Land of the Federal Republic). There are referenda and popular votes however on level of the Lands of the Federal Republic as well as citizen desiring /citizen decisions on local level.


in Austria gives it to twoForms of the referendum: the popular vote and the opinion poll. Not to confound with these forms of the Plebiszits a further element of the direct democracy, the referendum , is which represents a qualified form of a Petition to the national council.

OnePopular vote (and also an opinion poll) does not differ in execution nearly from a choice. Just like with this foreign country Austrians (inside) can participate in a popular vote.

The subject of the popular vote is a law decided by the parliament, a fundamental changethe condition or the question about the joggle of the Federal President, posed by the Presidential Election Council (national council and Upper House of Parliament ). The exit of the popular vote is binding. A popular vote can be accomplished at any time voluntarily, in case of a total change of the Federal Constitution is to accomplish a popular vote however compellingly.

There were so far only two populars vote in the second republic:

  1. Popular vote of 5. November 1978 over a Federal law for the peaceful use of the nuclear energy in Austria (start-up nuclear power station of the Zwentendorf): “Target the law resolution of the national councilof 7. July 1978 over the peaceful use of the nuclear energy in Austria (start-up of the nuclear power station Zwentendorf) legal power attain? “
    Result: 50.5% were correct with “no”. A strong west east downward gradient was remarkable. The refusal amounted to in Vorarlberg 84.4%, in Vienna however only 40.2%.
  2. Popular vote of 12. June 1994 over the entry of Austria to the European union: “Target the law resolution of the national council of 5. May 1994 over the Federal Constitution law over the entry of Austria to the European union legal power attain? “
    Result: 66.6% were correct with “”.


in Switzerland take place very frequently populars vote. There are these on all three political levels: local tunings (in the municipality), kantonale tunings and Swiss federal tunings. Frequently the municipalities and cantons select their tuning dates in such a way thatthese with Swiss federal data coincide. For Swiss federal tunings a date is fixed and the Upper House of Parliament decides in each case four to six months before per quarter whether on this day an urn course is to actually take place.

The being correct citizens and being correct citizen can personally inPolling station, brieflich or in regions determine by way of trial also by Internet and even by SMS co-ordinate. The project to the E-Voting was started 2003 in the canton Geneva and in the summer 2006 the Upper House of Parliament will decide whether the E-Voting resumed and upwhole Switzerland to be expanded is.

The article over the political system of Switzerland contains detailed information about the citizen rights and over it, how it can come in Switzerland to tunings.


in Italy is called the popular vote Referendum.

Gesamstaatliche level

on national level gives it the following referenda:

Waiving referendum (referendum abrogativo): The repeal of a law or a law-representing measure with legal power (law or Legislativ decree) or a part of the same is to the popular voteto bring, if this by five hundredthousand voters or by five regional advice is required. With tax and budgetary laws as well as with laws, which have an amnesty, a remission of a penalty or the authorization for the conclusion of international-law contracts to the article, the opinion poll is inadmissible. Requirement on participation in populars vote has everyone for the choice of the chamber of deputies entitled citizens. The suggestion brought to the popular vote is considered as accepted if the majority of the voters in the popular vote participate and reaches the majority of the valid delivered voicesbecomes.

Advisory referendum (referendum consultivo) according to kind Verf. : After hearing of the regional advice the pool can be ordered more existing or the education of new regions, whereby each new region must exhibit a population of at least one million inhabitant. Such a reorganisationcan take place if at least one third of the population concerned representing number of local councils this required and if the request is accepted by popular vote of the population concerned by the majority. The separation of a province or a municipality of oneRegion and their affiliation to another region can - with the agreement of the majority of the populations of the province concerned expressed by popular vote and/or. Provinces or the municipality concerned and/or. Municipalities - upon the requests of the provinces and municipalities concerned, afterHearing of the regional advice, by a popular vote and by a law of the republic Konfirmatives referendum

(referendum confermativo) become certified: Constitutional amendment laws and other constitutional laws are to be brought to the popular vote if within three months after its publication a fifth of the membersone chamber or five hundredthousand voters or five regional advice desire this. The law brought to the popular vote is announced only if it received the agreement of the majority of all valid delivered voices. One does not allow to a referendum, if the lawthe agreement to the second tuning in the chambers from in each case two thirds of the members received.

restaurants level

further referenda are intended on regional and local level.

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