People legislation

of means of the people legislation issues, changes or revises the people in a direct democracy of laws and condition.

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general view

for people legislation is necessary a people legislative procedure,that the expiration of the people legislation regulates.

A people legislative procedure exists in Germany in the Lands of the Federal Republic of three graduated steps, beginning with the people initiative, followed from the referendum and finally the popular vote. It concerns here the procedure that three speed people legislation.

If municipalities and districts have procedures of the people legislation, these are to be added usually to the two-stage people legislation; the process steps are called citizen desiring and citizen decision. In Switzerland the people legislation is also on federal level as procedure of the two-stage people legislationregulated, whereby the people initiative releases the popular vote directly.

Which concerns the speed of the procedure, then this depends on the concrete organization of the periods and hurdles. High-speed shots are just as little desired, like a long-winded, procedure for many years. Modern people legislation drafts consider this alsotighten procedures, which leave however nevertheless sufficiently area for the democratic forming of an opinion in the people.

The people legislation is before the referendum and the Plebiszit that element of the direct democracy, which makes possible for the citizen to most direct political codesigning.

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on federal level prevails representative democracy. In the year 2002 a bill of SPD and alliance 90/Die the Green achieved the absolute majority, not however the two-thirds majority necessary for a constitutional amendment for the introduction of direct democracy on federal level in the Bundestag .

Also the demand was rejected last after a referendum over the European condition by the Bundestag.

According to public opinion polls more than 70% of the Germans endorse direct democracy on federal level.

People legislation on regional level gives it since 1998 in all 16 German countries.


in Austria gives it to referenda, populars vote and opinion polls.


in the political system of Switzerland is strongly pronounced the portion of elements of the direct democracy. Accordingly popular votes have a substantial influence upPolitics and legislation:

  • There is the people initiative, with which a certain number of being correct citizens can require directly a tuning over a concrete constitutional amendment.
  • Constitutional amendments decided by the parliament are subordinate to the mandatory referendum - without agreement of the two majorities of peopleand they cannot step cantons (so mentioned condition more) into force.
  • With a fakultativen referendum signatures are collected against a law decided by the parliament. If the signature hurdle is taken, it comes without own collecting main from the people to a totalSwissPopular vote over this law.

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