People's Commissariat for internal affairs

the People's Commissariat for internal affairs or NKWD was a Soviet authority, which was feared as carriers of the secret police and existed under this name from 1934 to 1946, was transferred then in the MWD (Ministry for internal affairs) and converted 1954 to the KGB.

The designation NKWD (soot. НКВД) is the abbreviation of the Russian designation of this authority (soot transferred to German. Народныйкомиссариатвнутреннихдел Tondokument ? / License; Narodny Kommissariat Wnutrennich Djel).

The 1917 created Tscheka 1922 were reshuffled to the GPU (Gossudarstwennoje Polititscheskoje Uprawlenije - national one political administration) and attached 1934 at this time the formed NKWD. The secret police was separated 1941 (see NKGB and KGB).

On the account of the NKWD the massive and usually also pursuit of many dissidents (so in the so-called large cleaning ), missing after Soviet right of each basis, goes, who were often condemned without process or during processes without right-national basis to year or lifelong labour camp or to death (Kurapaty), (Gulag).

NKWD boss gene-smell Jagoda became to 26. September 1936 replaced from Nikolai Iwanowitsch Jeschow. To 24. November 1938 became Lawrenti Pawlowitsch Berija boss of the secret service NKWD.


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