People concert

under people concert is understood a kind of concert, those at places such as stages, gymnasia, factory resounding, work areas, Amphitheatern etc. one specifies. This has the reason to make the concert accessible for as large a public as possible which against classical concert places has possible inhibitions and dislikes. The term was coined/shaped particularly by Mikis Theodorakis. It led for example the Canto general in the flame deseaming scarf-line up-lining up all the VOEST to 12. September 1998 up. Likewise is its first concert admits after the fall of the Greek military junta before several 10,000 humans in the Karaïskákis stadium with artists such as Maria Farantouri, Petros Pandis, Adonis Kalogiannis and Giorgos Dalaras to 10. October 1974.


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