People medicine

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People medicine covers in the population from a generation to next delivered knowledge over diseases, welfare methods and cures. People medicine is enough into the initial reasons of mankind. Beside that gain experience by pure trying out - e.g. of welfare plants or of cures animal and/or. mineral origin stand observations for instance from animals, which eat instinktiv certain plants with illness.

experiences since the Steinzeit

this long-lasting excessive quantity constantly one supplements around own experiences. Therefore one passes above all those procedures on, which helped one. Besides would be allowed to do already early analogy - and theoretical considerations to have confessed, for instance the preferential use of plants with leberförmigen sheets when liver suffering or yellow-flowering plants with jaundice. Such considerations are arranged mostly as but faith. The view than falsifizierte hypothesis would be more correct.

To the welfare methods also surgical interferences belong for the Steinzeit, how is occupied from archaeological finds. Further to it sweating cures , different kinds of the Heilfastens or the Schienung of fractures belong. The people medicine has also philosophical and religious components, which coin/shape often to today the chamfering time. Awaking nature offers for it a multiplicity of spring herbs .

of baths to the school medicine - and back?

The medical people knowledge was developed further over generations away and is today closely related to the naturopathy. The separation from the school medicine began at the latest at that 19. Century with the increasing medical research at universities and the development of chemical medicines. Modern preparations are very often based on active substances, which were used also in the people medicine. Thereby the respective active substances are only isolated, chemically analyzed and become if necessary. synthetically manufactured.

In the Middle Ages had that herb woman flax and the baths an important medical function, particularly if the recourse to of a physician were too expensive. The occupational group of the baths applied until approximately 1400 as dishonorable and received only 1548 guild rights. With the bar beers they were common so-called. Handicraft physicians - contrary to the academic training of the today's medical profession - and their training exactly regulated. With the arising of the medicine study there were violent arguments between the medical profession “old and new school”, who have a lasting effect in some until today.

In Germany and partly also in Switzerland/Austria layman physicians or farmer doctors had 20 still into the center. Century an important position with the medical support of humans and cattle in rural areas. In of China population the people medicine to today a nearly equivalent rank beside the school medicine takes and there through barefoot physicians so mentioned in the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) is exercised. Something similar applies also to many other regions.

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