Economical Gesamtrechnung

the economical Gesamtrechnung (VGR) is a subsection of the Makroökonomie within the political economy and seizes the overall economic income and goods stream in a national economy (Binnenwirtschaftsrechnung) or with the foreign country (external trade calculation) in a period run off. It supplies thus a quantitative overview of the economic happening toa national economy afterwards (ex post office).

Basis of the VGR is the cycle theory, with which all enterprises and all households of a national economy in sectors become summarized (aggregated). The connections in the form of goods, money and achievement stream, existing between the sectors, are bookkeeping-technically held .

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the major task of the VGR is the document of identification of the national product after emergence, use and distribution. The moreover one she dedicates herself to thatDetermination of basic data of the social, growth, and economic policy.

VGR can be understood thus as economical counterpart to the economical Controlling, whereby the policy gives overall economic goals here and the VGR gives information about the Zielerreichung.

As starting point those takes of overall economic analyses and prognosesVGR an important on position.

the Binnenwirtschaftsrechnung in Germany

from 1957 to 1960 was for the first time developed in Germany its own system of the VGR. Starting from 1970 the national data were prepared again for the European communities. 1998 replaced the European system of economical Gesamtrechnungen(ESVG 1995) the German system. It is based on guidelines of the UN. The goal was the obligatory standardization of the different national methods, concepts, classifications, definitions and reservation rules to the better comparability between the individual member states of the European Union. A fundamental change of the economical Gesamtrechnung stands for 2005on. Starting from this year price-settled rows on basis of the respective previous year price are to be determined (so-called.chain price index). Furthermore are to be consulted with Deflationierung more strongly than Hedoni price indices.

Central size of the VGR is the gross domestic product, which all inland produced goods and services lessthe payments in advance evaluates. It is based therefore on the “inland concept”. The gross domestic product is determinable over three different ways. All three calculation methods lead to the same result.

the gross national income (in former times gross national product) against it is based on the “resident concept”. It regards the economic achievement of all citizens of a national economy.

the external trade calculation in Germany

the most important components of the external trade calculation are the balance of payments and those Rate of exchange collection. The balance of payments gives information over transactions between residents and foreigners.

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