Full grain

of full grain products are Getreideprodukte, which consist of the whole grain, thus not from the outer zones ( the bran) or the Keimling were not released. Full grain becomes generally speaking, when pellet or flour processes. Therefore full grain products do not have like normal flours a number of types.

In the outer zonesis a majority of the ballast materials, Vitamine, oils and mineral materials of the grain.

Beside the desired materials full grain contains different defense materials (Antinutritiva) depending upon variety of grain against Fressfeinde such as Phytin, Arabinoxylane, Pentosane, Lectine and others.


thosetraditional subsequent treatment methods for the different varieties of grain increase the admission of the desired substances, reduce the unwanted defense materials and improve so the value and the digestibleness, even if thereby Vitamine can be partly destroyed.

Rye, when full grain husbands geschrotet or, becomes by the classical, about 20Hours continuing sour paste guidance of a fermentation submitted, which with germinating or the Vorverdauung is comparable in the Wiederkäuermagen. The Phytin is used and for bacteria in the paste to form antibiotic substances (Bakteriozine). With art sour, how it is common in the foodstuffs industry, these effects remainout.

Wheat was eaten into the 1930er years only in times of distress or large poverty as full grain, baked or cooked there sauerteig and yeast fermentation with wheat hardly influence on the defense materials in the bran to have and the consumption of wheat full grain, also, the fat and protein digestingobstructed and to blowing and mushroom illnesses in the final intestine to lead can. Baking powder blocks the Phytinabbau completely, should not thus in connection with wheat full grain flour not be used.

Barley is predominantly gedarrt to production of beer as full grain gemälzt (before-germinated), afterwards (roasted) and brewed (cooked). Phytin becomediminished and before bound materials set free. When cooking unwanted proteins are converted.

Oats contain comparatively much fat and little bran. It is well compatible as full grain, after it was freed by dry heating up from bitter materials, also without subsequent treatment.

Green core, made of Dinkel, oneKind of wheat, is harvested and gedarrt unreif, before defense materials formed and is therefore also as full grain without further processing well bekömmlich.

Rice is ungeniessbar as full grain and therefore always from the bran one releases and normally still one polishes, around Silberhäutchen, Keimling and Aleuronschicht tooremove. A majority of the mineral materials and Vitamine is lost. Parboiled rice is eingeweicht before under pressure, whereby a part of the Vitamine changes into the Reiskörner. Nearly only in Germany spread “nature rice” (brown rice) is peeled, but, thus no full grain does not polish and alsonot substantially more contentful than white rice. However it contains nearly twice as much magnesium and nearly four times as much iron as brighter sorts.


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