Volta (river)

the Volta south the Akosombo dam
of black ones, red ones and white Volta as well as the united river before the background of the frontiers of Ghana and Burkina Fasos

of the Volta, actually Rio Volta, is an important river in west Africa. It develops for red one (Nazinon) from the combination of the black ones (Mouhoun), rising in Burkina Faso, and white one (Nakambé) Volta close of the large commercial town Salaga in Ghana, accumulates at the Akosombo dam to the volume TA lake and flows then after southeast. It flows, forming on the right of the lagoon connected by Ada, left with the lagoon of Keta, over a large Barre with strong surf (Kalema) into the gulf of Guinea.

After the river the former French colony the Upper Volta, the today's Burkina Faso was designated. Also the flag of the Upper Volta referred to the Volta.



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