Vorpommern is part of the historical region Pommern and forms together with Mecklenburg the Land of the Federal Republic Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It covers the eastern part and for instance a third of the country.

Vorpommern lies in the most northeast corner of Germany, borders in the east Poland and in the north to the Baltic Sea, in the west at Mecklenburg and in the south at Brandenburg.

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term and borders

by Vorpommern understood one (contrary to Eastern Pomerania) since the Westfäli peace 1648 the part of Pommerns on the left of the or, thus including its capital Stettin.By the fixing of the boundaries of 1945 - which starting from Gartz the or leaves and west continues to lead - the area between this and the or with Stettin, Swinemünde , Neuwarp came to Poland. Today the term for the German becomesPart uses.

The historical border between Mecklenburg and Vorpommern was lost since the education from districts in the GDR 1952 to a large extent. It today still lives as border between two Evangelist regional churches, the Evangelical-Lutheran regional church Mecklenburgs and PommerEvangelist church, away.

It runs from the fish country to the west of Ahrenshoop to the south, traverses the Saaler Bodden up to the Recknitzmündung, separates the Mecklenburgian Ribnitz from the pommerschen Damgarten, leads centrically west from Recknitz and Trebel to north of the min, overDemmins the Peene to discover, leads along these up to the Kummerower lake, traverses this and leaves it along the Ostpeene. South Altentreptows meets it the border to the district Mecklenburg Strelitz and orbits Werder and Friedländer large meadow alongthe small one and large land ditch as well as the white ditch, until it finally meets south of Rothemühl the national border to Brandenburg.

With the circle regional reorganization 1994 it gave to revive drafts this border along new districts again, however not convertedbecame. Thus it runs today by the district Nordvorpommern, whose western smaller part belongs including the quarter Ribnitz from Ribnitz Damgarten to Mecklenburg, and divides the district the min into two thirds of vorpommersches (old circles Altentreptow and the min) and about thirdsMecklenburgian area (old circle Malchin).


Vorpommern is coined/shaped particularly by its long coast, which takes the largest part of the coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. A pronounced “double coast” is typical, with pre-aged islands the so-called Bodden of the open seaseparate, which represent a unique landscape in this form. With Rügen and Usedom Vorpommern possesses the two largest German islands.

Largest city in Vorpommern is once powerful the Hanseatic city Stralsund which was at the Hans time. It is also today those economicalmost important city. Mental and judicial upper center is distant because of the many national court barnesses and the residents old seriousness Moritz Arndt university the Hanseatic city grab forest, for about 35 km von Stralsund.

The cities Stralsund and grab forest form together after Rostock the upper center second largest after inhabitantsMecklenburg Vorpommerns. In addition the area has the second largest population density of the four planning regions of the country.

Largest lake is the Kummerower lake.

In Vorpommern two of national park lie:

a further region in Vorpommern with extensive nature protection is that Peenetal.


to history see also: History Pommerns

the name Vorpommern decreases/goes back to the second division Pommerns into the duchies Pommern Wolgast (Vorpommern) and Pommern Stettin (Eastern Pomerania) in the year 1532. During 1295 still another division innorthern (Pommern Wolgast) and a southern duchy (Pommern Stettin), developed 1532 for the first time more west and an eastern region took place. After the Westfäli peace (1648) Vorpommern covered the part of Pommerns including the entire Odermündung with the city, belonging to the Kingdom of Sweden Stettin and the old bishop seat Cammin.

The part of Vorpommerns south the Peene came 1720 to Prussia (Prussian Vorpommern). The northern part however belonged up to the Kieler peace from 1814 to Sweden (Swedish Vorpommern, also Neuvorpommern), becamethen for short time Danish and congress (1815 ) came to Prussia with the Viennese.

To the Second World War it came mostly to the GDR and with Mecklenburg to the country Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was combined. 1947 became the countryon instruction of the SMAD in Mecklenburg renamed, in order to remove the term Pommern from the official linguistic usage. 1952 predominantly became the region Vorpommern part of the districts Rostock and new Brandenburg. To the district Frankfurt (or) came itself the southern Zipfel, thatwith the today's office Gartz (or) covers.

Vorpommern became 1990 part of the Land of the Federal Republic Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Since the new formation of the Lands of the Federal Republic in the GDR was carried out along existing Kreisgrenzen, Gartz remained in Brandenburg, during e.g. the uckermärkische Strasburg itself in onePopular vote decided for the whereabouts in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


in Vorpommern is with the seriousness Moritz Arndt university grab forest (1456) one of the oldest German universities. Further there is a professional school in Stralsund.


today lives thatArea to a large extent of the tourism, particularly on the islands Rügen, Hiddensee, Usedom and the peninsulas Darss and Zingst as well as the agriculture. In Stralsund people-thrown , in Wolgast Peene throwing exists and in grab forest has itself onemedium-size yacht-thrown establishes. A further industrie and technology location is the area of the former nuclear power station with Lubmin at Greifswalder Bodden.

On the basis of the medical and mathematical-scientific faculty of the seriousness Moritz Arndt university and the institute for Max-Planck for plasma physics in grab forest becomes with increasing successtried, a technology industry, in particular within the range of the biotechnology to initiate. Therefore grab forest applies despite high unemployment today as one of the growth cores in the new Lands of the Federal Republic.

The rural ranges are particularly structure weak in the hinterland of the Baltic Sea coast (districts the min and Uecker Randow).These areas lived since more jeher on the agriculture and/or. of the army. Many jobs were lost to the German unit there.

By Vorpommern leads the Baltic Sea motorway A20 of Luebeck across Rostock and Stralsund to the motorway interchange Uckermark (at the motorway Berlin - Stettin).


the tourism in Vorpommern with its islands Rügen and Usedom took a dynamic development since the reunification of Germany. Two digit growth rates with capacity and guest numbers with simultaneous development of the infrastructure were to be registered.The official statistics proves over 21 million overnight accomodation for completely Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In addition come probably again the same number on the grey accommodating market in such a way specified. Of it about two thirds are void to Vorpommern with the islands as tourism centers. However flattensthe curve of the rise appreciably off and slipped for the first time 2004 in the minus.

There are four regional tourism federations in Vorpommern: the tourism federation Rügen, the tourism federation island Usedom, the regional tourist association Vorpommern (for the mainland coast) as well as the tourism federation Fischland Darss Zingst. All federationsmembers are in the tourism federation Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the regional organization, which is again member in the German tourism federation (DTV).


the area Vorpommerns extends approximately to the districts:

as well as thosecircle-free cities

in the context of the planned restructuring of the districts in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are to be combined these into one or also two districts. The district the min would be however presumably excluded from it, there these probably to a future district “Mecklenburgian sea-plate”would come.



inVorpommern is spoken still frequently the vorpommersche dialect of the east down German. This in the German-language literature with the two fairy tales of the brothers Grimm “ from Fischer un syner Fru “and” from the Machandelboom “to find in particular as well asin late toned poem “mine homeland” (“where the Baltic Sea waves trecken to the beach”), in which beard ago the Dichterin Martha Mueller Grählert describes its vorpommersche homeland.

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