Vratislav Effenberger

Vratislav Effenberger (* 22. April 1923 in Nymburk; - † 10. August 1986 in Prague), was Czech literature theoretician.

personal record

after the industrial school, which he terminated 1944 with Abitur, it studied chemistry and history of art as well as aesthetics at the philosophical faculty. Starting from 1946 he works in Czechoslovakian Filminstitut, from whom he became to dismiss 1954. Afterwards it was active until 1966 as workers and accepted later a place with FÚ ČSAV (Czech Academy of Sciences). 1970 it however from political reasons to dismiss and is is promptly retired again as a worker active, starting from 1975 as night watchman and 1977 it.

Vratislav Effenberger was a personality of the surrealistischen group leading as supervisor and theoreticians. 1969 it drew up the surrealrealistische magazine analogue. Around the year 1968 it published newspapers and magazines, which were concerned with literature, theatre or art in a row.


the largest part appeared in the self publishing house or is still present as handwriting. Admits became its film film script Surovost života A cynismus fantasie (rawness of the life and the cynicism of the fantasy), (Toronto 1984), Praha 1991 Besides numerous its article in newspapers and magazines were published. Some works were seized and destroyed by the security agency.

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