Vuelta A España

the Vuelta in Santander (2003)

the Radrennen Vuelta A España is one of the three „Grands route “in the cycle racing and after the route de France and the giro D' Italia the most important stage running of the world.

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course 3 regulation of 4 winners 5 Web on the left of [work on] history within three weeks in changing routing across Spain and the close foreign country. After the Spain round travel first traditionally in the spring, its date in the middle of the 90's took place on September was shifted.

With three total victories each with the Vuelta divide Swiss wheel running drivers Tony Rominger (1993-1995) and the Spaniard Roberto Heras (2000, 2003, 2004) the record. In the German public very much in the shadethe route de France three Germans could win standing running:Rudi Altig 1962, Rolf wolf-hollow 1965 and January Ullrich 1999. Altogether dominate however the Spaniards, who could decide 28 that so far 59 expenditures of the Vuelta for itself.


the course of runningthereby again and again together moderately severe stages from flat groping, which favor the Sprinter , which are suitable for groups of outliers, sit down, and high mountain stages, on which the round travel is decided. In addition two individual time driving usually take place. The altogether very wavy profile of the Vueltait led to the fact that in its history usually strong Kletterer in the total single valuation could become generally accepted. The goal of the Vuelta is traditionally the Spanish capital Madrid.

1999 were mastered for the first time the rise of the Alto de Angliru in Asturien, that with its unusually steep ramps to24 per cent as one of the heaviest rises with a Radrennen at all applies and in the meantime to the brand name of the Vuelta developed.


the leading of the total single valuation carries a golden leotard - the Spanish counterpart to the yellow leotard of the route de France. Withfurther leotards the best Kletterer (red leotard) and the leading in the point valuation (blue leotard) are honoured. Differently than the Green leotard of the route de France, who is won usually of Sprintern, to have also different driver types realistic chances, the blue leotard of the Vuelta tooachieve.

A characteristic of the Vuelta is the green-golden leotard, which the best one of the combination valuation carries. In this valuation the sum of the placements in entire, mountain and point valuation is considered.


  • 1962 Rudi Altig (GER)
  • 1961 Antonio Soler (ESP)
  • 1960 fray de Mulder (BEL)
  • to 1959 Antonio Suarez (ESP)
  • 1958 Jean Stablinski (FRA)
  • 1957 Jesus Lorono (ESP)
  • 1956 Angelo Conterno (ESP)
  • 1955 Jean Dotto (FRA)
  • 1951-1954 not delivered
  • 1950 Emilio Rodriguez (ESP)
  • 1949 not delivered
  • 1948 Bernardo Ruiz (ESP)
  • 1947 Edward Van Dijck (BEL)
  • 1946 Dalmacio Langarica (ESP)
  • 1945 Delio Rodriguez (ESP)
  • 1943-1944 not delivered
  • 1942 Julian Berrendero (ESP)
  • 1937-1940 delivered 1936 Gustave Deloor
  • (BEL)
  • 1935 Gustave Deloor (BEL)
  • * Roberto Heras after

a positive Dopingtest during the Vuelta 2005 the victory was not later denied to 1941 Julian Berrendero (ESP)

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