this article is concerned with a voter, which participates actively in a choice. Besides it gives voter as technical mechanisms in telecommunications, sees voter (telecommunications).

The term voter designates a person , who participates actively in a choice - contrary to the Nichtwähler in the new political economics. The over term for voters and Nichtwähler is voter.


the use function of a voter determines itself from a cost use consideration between parties. The voter tries to determine the result of the choice. This leads to a intrinsischen satisfaction by the fulfilment of the citizen obligation. Here are however also the costs of the voter (z. B. To consider weather on the choice day). Not least the voter has also an interest as a spectator of the policy (→ sport).

In addition the secondary conditions of the use function come. So the voter does not have influence on the cure of the candidates. He knows however around the competition between syndicates, bureaucracy and arrangements between parties. Furthermore there are also Zufallskomponenten.

behaviors can behavior from the acceptance be derived, which are also frequently observed in the reality. Thus the voter frequently a certain superficialness subordinated, which results from the lack at time, in it informs. Besides voter is subordinate frequently to ideologies, in order to save information costs. In the long run a choice can be regarded as collective property, since only few really informed voters little informed voter faces a large group.

See also: Master voter, change voter, protest voter


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