Württemberg bathing

Württemberg bathing is a former Land of the Federal Republic of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The southwest state Baden-Wuerttemberg. In blue the former Land of the Federal Republic Württemberg bathing.

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after end of the Second World War becamethe northern part of the former countries of the Weimar Republic bathing and Württemberg part of the American zone of occupation. The south border of the American zone of occupation in this area was selected in such a way that the motorway Karlsruhe Munich (today's A 8) on the whole distancewithin the American zone of occupation lay. Borders in the detail were the borders of the respective districts. The American military government gave to 19. September 1945 the establishment of large Hessen, Württemberg bathing as well as Bayerns admits and appointed for Württemberg bathing to 21. December a provisional representative governmentwith members from the parties, the land advice and mayors as well as representatives of the professions, universities and churches. Capital of the country was Stuttgart. Württemberg bathing had over 3.5 million inhabitant and a size of 15.700 km ². The condition-giving state meeting became to 30. June 1946 selected. The condition was prepared in October 1946; them became to 24. November by a popular vote confirms; the first federal state parliament was at the same time selected. The württembergischen and regions of Baden were led within the country as “national districts so mentioned”.The national district bathing had its seat in Karlsruhe and was times half as large straight as the württembergische national district.

In the case of their establishment to 23. May 1949 became Württemberg bathing part of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Basic Law contains GG over the article 29the order for the reorganisation of Lands of the Federal Republic to ensure “over that the countries can fulfill being incumbent on tasks to them after size and efficiency effectively.” (Kind. 29 exp. 1). In order to avoid a regulation by the federation, the countries Württemberg bathing, bathing led and Württemberg Hohenzollern to 24. September 1950 a sample tuning and to 16. December 1951 a popular vote for combination through. In both tunings the voters in Württemberg bathing with clear majority for a land fusion votierten. The Land of the Federal Republic Baden-Wuerttemberg became thereupon to 25. April 1952 based.

Within the united Land of the Federal Republic the two governmental districts north bathing and Nordwürttemberg in the area were then formed by Württemberg bathing, which 1973 into the governmental districts Karlsruhe and Stuttgart were transferred.


the country covered the northern partthe former country bathing and the northern part of the former country Württemberg.

Prime Minister

from 1946 to 1952 was Reinhold Maier (DVP) Prime Minister von Württemberg Bathe.


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