W. H. Auden

Wystan Hugh Auden (* 21. February 1907 in York; † 29. September 1973 in Vienna) was an English writer.

Christopher Isherwood (left) and W.H. Auden (right) photographs from Carl Van Vechten, 6. February 1939

From Audens work its poems are most well-known, besides he in addition, a multiplicity at criticisms and essays as well as, together with its friend Christopher Isherwood wrote, some dramas.

Audens work is characterised by an unusual linguistic extent, it is enough from strictly traditional formslike the Villanelle up to completely unstructured verses.

The writer busy with political pagings of its time, and lent itself these among other things also in the poems “Spain” (over the Spanish civil war) and “1. September 1939 " (beginning of the Second World War) expression. Other important worksare its Weihnachtsoratorien (“For the Time Being”, “Musée Beaux kinds”) and seals to the death of William Butler Yeats and victory mouth Freud.

Its seals are also often quoted in films, for example the mourning poem “Funeral Blues” in four weddings and a death.

Auden married 1935 the German authoress Erika man, the daughter of the Literaturnobelpreisträgers Thomas man, in order to help the authoress expatriated from National Socialist Germany to an English passport. The marriage remained not least because of the Homosexualität of Auden childless.

In the year it moved to 1939 into the United States and accepted also the American nationality. Only in its last Lebensjahr it returned to its motherland and established themselves in Oxford .

Auden and Tolkien

Auden were a critic and long-term friend of J.R.R. Tolkien(although the two met only rarely personally). It was one of the most famous early critics of “the master of the rings “. Auden supported Tolkien with material references and it showed Tolkien again and again in its letters its interest in its works. J.R.R. Tolkien wrotein a letter in the year the 1971 following words:

“I to [...] very deeply in Auden's debt in recent years. His support OF ME and interest in my work has been one OF my chief encouragements. He gave me very good reviews, notices and letters fromthe beginning when it which by NO means A popular thing tons of DO. He which, in fact, sneered RK for it. “

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