W. Jason Morgan

W. Jason Morgan (* 10. October 1935 in Savannah, Georgia, the USA) is an US-American geophycisist, who carried innovative work out to plate tectonics and Geodynamik. It is emeritierter Knox Taylor professor for geology and professor for geosciences at the University of Princeton.

1957 he changed personal record

and scientific main achievements after the receipt of its Bachelor OF Science in physics at the Georgia of institutes OF Technology to the University of Princeton, where he attained a doctorate to 1964 with Bob thickness. He was transferred afterwards directly to the training body of the university.

Its first more importantly, end of the 1960er years performed contribution consisted of it setting the magnetic anomalies of changing polarity, which the ocean floor exhibits to both sides of a midocean back, in relationship with bottom of the sea spreading and plate tectonics.

Since 1971 followed the advancement plume - of the model of John Tuzo Wilson, which postulates the existence approximately cylindrical convective upcurrents in the Earth's mantle, in order to explain Hotspots. Morgan applied the concept first only to Hawaii and explained thereby the age of the Seamounts of the Hawaii Emperor chain increasing with increasing distance from the today's Hotspot, but the concept was transferred since then by Morgan and numerous other scientists to many other Hotspots.

For its work Morgan received numerous honors, among other things the Alfred way he medal of the European union OF Geosciences (1983), the Maurice Ewing Award of the American Geophysical union (1987), the Wollaston Medal of the Geological Society OF London (1994) and national the Medal OF Science of the USA (2002).

important publications

  • W. J. Morgan: Rises, Trenches, Great Faults, and Crustal of block. Journal OF Geophysical Research 73, S.1959 (1968)
  • W. J. Morgan, W. J.: Convection plume into the more lower covers. Nature 230, S.42-43 (1971)


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